Republicans in a Nutshell – and Why America Can no Longer Tolerate Them

So, the Republican party in a nutshell basically consists of two different groups of people, the manipulators (i.e. big business owners/rich people in general) and the manipulated (The sheep who follow the rich people). The manipulators, through the use of scare tactics and hate, have convinced a large number of the American population, that, yes, getting rid of health care and making the middle class pay more and the richest of the rich pay less is actually good idea. And how do they do this: Fear. It all comes back to fear. I’m going to quote Yoda here: “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate.” Yes, I know that this was said in relationship to falling to the dark side of the Force. But that’s what the Republicans are. They’re Sith. Power Hungry? Check. Willing to do anything to maintain power? Check. Willing to breed fear and hate? Check.

I’m not going to say that the manipulators aren’t smart, because that would be a lie. They are actually extremely smart. I mean, their tactics are ingenious. Employing fear to manipulate people? It’s ingenious. Fear of what, you may ask. Well, the answer to that is quite simple. Anything. Seriously. Muslims. Jews. God. The list goes on. But by instilling this fear in people, they create hate, which is exactly what they want. They want people to hate gays. They want them to hate Muslims. Hell, they want them to hate the government. And this is all a direct result of scare tactics. This example is fictional (and extreme), but I believe it is an apt metaphor. V For Vendetta. The government blamed war, disease, and all the other problems in the world on minorities. This created fear in the population, and this turned to hate towards those minorities, allowing a totalitarian dictator to come into power. And this is EXACTLY what the Republicans aim to do. The more fear and hate that they can create among the people, the easier it will be for them to gain power. And that is not what America is about. America is about freedom. And no matter how much “Freedom”  bullshit the Republican party tries to shove down your throat, they DO NOT BELIEVE IN FREEDOM. They don’t. If they did, their priorities wouldn’t be trying to control who you can sleep with.

They also claim they want to “limit government”. No, no, no. They don’t want to limit it. What they REALLY want to take all it’s funding away so that all of the jobs in the States goes to private corporations. If it was up to them, they’d be outsourcing teachers to China. No, they don’t want to limit it. They actually want to make it’s role in your life bigger. They want to tell you who you can marry, when you can and can’t children, and what religion you should follow. Oh, and they want you to support their “War on Terror”. Which we might as well cut the crap and call it what it is. And what it is is yet another Republican scare tactic. Basically, they want you to fear the middle east. Why? Probably because they have a deep hatred of Islam. Why? Apparently, it conflicts with their religious beliefs. Yeah, whatever.

I did state earlier that the manipulators are smart. And that is true. And nor are the manipulated. If anything, they’re merely ignorant. And the reason for this? Fox news. You know that there must be something wrong with your country when almost the entire ten most watched news programs come from a network that rarely, if ever tells the truth. This creates ignorant, mean, attack dogs for the republican party. And this is why, if America is to move forward, these types of politics cannot be tolerated by the American government, or the American people.

And the reason for this? It’s obvious really. When I quoted Yoda above, I didn’t actually finish the quote, as those of you who are Star Wars fans probably know. The last line in the quote “Hate leads to suffering.” And that’s what it will do. This hatred will lead to the conservatives implementing policies that could potentially, begin wars and threaten the overall well being of the American populous. So how can end this? Well, we have to fight against the scare tactics and misinformation. Take any chance you can to call conservatives out on their telling of untruths. End the ignorance, and slowly but surely, we will be able to fight against the manipulators, and, eventually be able to remove them from power.


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Fan fiction writer, Youtube video maker. Hardcore Star Wars fan. Progressive Liberal.
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