Why New is Good, at Least in Gaming

Oh, the gaming industry. It’s in a sad state right now. The games market is literally overrun with sequels. Or prequels. Or sequels to the prequels sequel. Anyways, you get the gist of it. And I don’t want to be the one to burst people’s big, happy, new-call of duty-every-year, but it has to happen at some point. Because sequels are killing the gaming industry. I can understand why games that are truly classic may get one or two sequels, and maybe a spin off, and sometimes it may take developers one or two games past the original to truly perfect the formula. But it gets slightly ridiculous.

Take Borderlands 2 for example. Sure, I doubt that it is going to be a “bad game”, per se. But do we need it? Or, let me rephrase that question. Will it be anything new? The answer to that is, sadly, a resounding no. Another example is Black Ops 2. What it’s going to be, like almost every other Call of Duty game since World At War, is a carbon copy of the previous one. Oh, but with better graphics! Because that really justifies the sixty dollar price tag, right Activision?

Anyways, I’m getting a little off topic here. What this blog post is really about is why new is good. A prime example of this would be Arkane studio’s upcoming Dishonored. And it’s a little ironic that it’s called Dishonored, as it’s intentions are obviously honorable. What Dishonored is attempting to do is give gamers, such as myself, something new. Something that strays off the beaten path, but not to an extreme. What I can say with extreme confidence is that it is something that will feel fresh. It will be a breath of fresh air among the tidal waves of sequels that we’ll be engulfed in over the next few months. One of the elements of this game that will make gamers feel like this is something new is the fact that there are numerous ways to accomplish objectives. Now, many of you will be scratching your heads saying, didn’t Square Enix just do that with Deus Ex: Human Revolution? Yes, they did. But not many other games have. Dishonored isn’t going to be completely original, and I don’t believe that that’s possible in this day and age. But how many other games have done that? (At this point the standard Call of Duty fanboy is usually trying to convince me that using the grenade launcher as opposed to the other grenade launcher that is exactly the same thing counts) So Dishonored will be something fresh, something that I’ve been desperately longing for.

And then there’s Watch Dogs. Seeing this made me extremely giddy. Not only does it deal with material that is sure to create an amazing story (Which in itself is a miracle in the gaming industry), but it uses new in game mechanics to create an entirely new experience. The fact that the city will be filled with NPC’s that are not just carbon copies of one another is awesome. The concept of secrets is also extremely intriguing. Using different types of technology to expose the secrets of big corporations? Sounds like my kind of game. Watch Dogs is going to be the experience that, even more so that Dishonored, I’ve been looking forward to.

Hopefully, games like Watch Dogs and Dishonored will sell well. The reason I hope this? It means that developers will be forced to take risks and create gaming experiences that are fresh and new. And, to be honest, I can’t wait for the day where I look forward to August through December as a season of fresh, new experiences, rather than a season of dull sequels that are essentially the previous game but with new packaging.


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