What I’m Listening To

Music is a big part of my life. I love it. I’m a big rock fan, and I can;t get enough of the music that I love. Anyways, over the past few weeks there have been a few bands that I’ve listened to more than others. So, here are a few that I personally love, and that I recommend to all of you who share my love of music.

Silversun Pickups

Album I’m listening to: Neck of the Woods


Listen to: Mean Spirited, Bloody Mary, The Pit (Or just the whole album, it’s awesome)

Silversun Pickups kind of took me by surprise. this summer my family got Sirius radio, and my parents spent the whole summer listening to Alt Nation. At first, I wasn’t really interested. But then I started actually listening to it. Bloody Mary and the Pit really stood out to me, and then the album blew me away. The subtle use of excellent guitar work, plus excellent lyrics and vocal talent, really make this album worth a listen. Do yourself a favor and listen to this.

For fans of: Foster the People, Queens of the Stone Age


Album I’m listening to: Antennas to Hell (Greatest Hits)


Listen to: Spit it Out, Before I Forget, Disasterpiece

Even if you aren’t into metal, I highly recommend Slipknot. They aren’t as heavy as a lot of other bands, especially in the toned down Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses. But I love the aggressive guitar riffs and basslines, the amazing percussion, and especially Corey Taylor’s singing. He can go from singing a calming ballad (Vermillion, pt. 2) to an all out hate rant (I Am Hated), and sounds awesome on everything. Antennas to Hell is a great jumping off point for anyone interested in Slipknot, and a great listening for people who have been listening for a while.

For fans of: KoRn, System of a Down

System of a Down

Album I’m Listening to: Toxicity, Mesmerize


Listen to: Needles, Arials, Mezmerize, Vicinity of Obscenity

System of a Down is awesome. the political messages of their songs are awesome for me, as I’m really into politics, but they have songs that are just downright funny as well. (For that, listen to Cigaro) Anyways, they have an extensive catalog that’s filled with great music. Daron Malakian’s guitar work is awesome, and both he and Serj Tankian have awesome voices that combine to create great music. Worth a listen for everyone.

For fans of: Linkin Park, Slipknot

Of Monsters and Men

Album I’m Listening to: My Head is An Animal


Listen to: Dirty Paws, Little Talks, Slow and Steady

Of Monsters and Men’s debut album, My Head is an Animal, is really, really, awesome. It sounds a lot like Arcade Fire, but is just different enough to avoid being a carbon copy of Suburbs or Neon Bible. The wonderful duets on almost every track, backed by a variety of instruments, creates a sound that sounds like something you’ve heard before, but isn’t quite like anything else. Seriously, check it out.

For Fans of: Arcade Fire, Gotye, Silversun Pickups

New Medicine

Album I’m listening to: Race You to the Bottom


Listen to: American Wasted, Rick Kids, Little Sister.

From ballads like Little Sister to party songs like American Wasted, this album does it all. But they key thing is? It does it all extremely well. Many songs create what will be rock anthems. The instrumental work is awesome, and so are the vocals and writing. Give it a listen.

For Fans of: Halestorm, Crossfade

The Wombats

Album I’m listening to: This Modern Glitch


Listen to: Jump Into the Fog, Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves)

This is a great alternative rock album. It’s filled with excellent synth, keyboard, and guitar work. Plus the vocals are excellent, and, overall, the album just sounds really good. It’s just as good as other albums, such as My Head is an Animal and Neck of the Woods. I think that a lot of people will really like this one, as dance/rock anthems like Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves) create the perfect crossover appeal.

For fans of: Foster the People, Arcade Fire

Well, there it is. Those are the six bands (and albums) that are getting the most playtime on my Ipod right now. Anyone who is even slightly interested in any of the bands that were talked about above should give them a try. Trust me, the music is great and you won’t be disappointed.


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