Young Justice “Satisfaction” Review

Young Justice has, once again, failed me. After a string of OK episodes, they deliver another episode that is just OK. The really sad thing about this is that it had the potential to be really awesome. It just didn’t quite realize it. And the writers made the same mistake that they’ve been making for the past seven episodes: trying to juggle too many plot lines and way too many characters. There’s only one way to review this episode, and that’s by plot line.

I’ll start with what is easily the worst plot line. And that would be? Suberboy’s birthday and Rocket’s bridal shower. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? This plot line felt like complete filler. It’s Superboy’s birthday and Miss Martian didn’t throw him a party? Big deal. Why do we care? Ok, some people might actually care about how depressed Superboy is, and I am a fan of the tension that his and Miss Martian’s breakup has added to the team, but this plot line was weak and unfinished. And Rocket’s getting married? Did that just slip the minds of the writers for the past seven episodes where she’s only had one appearance? And this all culminated in Captain Cold trying to rob a bank. Really? Captain Cold on Rocket, Miss Martian, Bee, Batgirl, Wondergirl, and Black Canary?  That was filler. He was no match for any of them, even individually. The one good thing that this plot line did was exploring the fallout of Artemis’ death, as none of the characters present know about the plan. Still, it felt like filler, and it felt slightly unfinished.

Moving on. The scene with Huntress and Kid Flash in the graveyard is an interesting one, considering that KF knows that Artemis actually isn’t dead. It must have been hard for him to be at Artemis’ grave with her mother, knowing that she is really still alive. But even better about this was the brief conversation between Cheshire and Sportsmaster. Them going after the Mantas could be an interesting plot line, and offer some great action. But, like almost every other part about this episode, it only felt half finished.

Next is the Cave scene. First I’d like to say that not officially unveiling the identity of the Light’s partner in this episode was a mistake. It felt like a waste of time when Superboy asks about the search. We all know from the trailer that the partner is Black Beetle. There’s no use in stretching this out any further. And then there’s the scene in the memorial hall. This too explores the effect Artemis’ “death” has had on the team. And then there were the other three characters that died in the five years between seasons 1 and 2. Ted Kord, Tula, and Jason Todd. Ted Kord is the least interesting, though his death doe have an effect on Jamie, who talks about wishing that he had a mentor. Tula’s death would have been more significant if Aqualad really had gone dark. It would have given him the perfect motive to join his father as Black Manta. Alas, finding out about her death was not very important.

And then there was Jason Todd. Most people really don’t like Jason Todd. And that’s sad. I love him, and think that he’s an excellent character. His existence in Young Justice is kind of weird, as three Robins in five years doesn’t make much sense. (Yes, I do understand how the DC multiverse works, but still) Anyways, his presence in this series is awesome. It could possibly lead to a crossover between Young Justice and Red Hood and the Outlaws. Since it’s already been established that Ra’s Al Ghul exists in Young Justice, it is entirely possible that Jason Todd could come back as Red Hood, which would create a story line that is really awesome.

And finally there’s the main story line that deals with the Arrows. This plot line is awesome, and easily the best part of the episode. The original Roy Harper’s motives are awesome, and the contrast between him and Red Arrow is really cool. Him seeking vengeance on Lex Luthor makes a for a great story line, as it showcases his willingness to kill. The battle between him and Luthor’s body guard, Mercy, is also awesome. It shows off the skills of both characters. And the ending is nothing short of awesome. Speedy getting a new robotic arm is really awesome, but it is beat out for the best moment by Roy Harper declaring that he is taking the name of Arsenal. That was awesome. Really awesome.

So in conclusion, this episode was cluttered and felt only half finished. The best story line, exploring Roy Harper’s attempt to avenged himself, as well as his character in general, could have, alone, made for a great episode. However, it is pulled down by the filler plot lines that feel unfinished. This episode gets a 7/10, with it’s potential not being fully realized. Hopefully the next episode is better.


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