My Most Anticipated Albums of the Coming Months

I know that “The Coming Months” is an extremely broad phrase. It doesn’t really have a set meaning. But let’s just agree on this: The albums will come out sometime in the next, let’s say, twelve months. So, anyone who read my blog post about what I’m listening to right now will know that I am a fan of rock music. And all the way up the spectrum, from alternative to metal. But since all the alternative rock albums that I’ve been waiting for having already come out (ending with Green Day’s new album today – check it out), a lot of the albums that I’m looking forward to are further up the rock spectrum, ranging from hard rock to metal. (This is, of course, with the exception of the new Muse album)

Artist: Muse

Album: The 2nd Law


This is technically out already, but, sadly, I have not gotten the chance to listen to it. But based on the singles “Survival” and “Madness”, it should be a good album. It seems to mix their old space rock style with a pop sound. The singles are different in almost every way, and I like that. Muse’s music style, despite being really awesome, hasn’t changed. A change in their style is probably a really good thing, as we’ll finally be seeing a different side of the band.

Artist: Three Days Grace

Album: Transit of Venus


Three Days Grace is back! After the so-so Life Starts Now, “Chalk Outline” was a relief. It goes back to the hard rock style of their first two albums, and I like that sound a lot. The writing also seems to be a little more mature, and their use of metaphors and similes makes for an awesome listen. If they choose to make an album that is stylistically more like One X, but with the more mature writing style of Life Starts Now, Transit of Venus could be their best album yet.

Artist: Stone Sour

Album: House of Gold and bones, Part 1


Going Sovereign/Absolute Zero may have taken up seven and a half minutes of radio time when I first heard it, but I loved it. It’s classic Stone Sour, but with a little bit more Slipknot than previous songs. And a heavier Stone Sour is awesome. Their musical style is awesome, as always, and, lyrically, they are still awesome. The combination of both of those is what makes me extremely excited for the first part of their double album, House of Gold and Bones.

Artist: Green Day

Albums: Uno, Dos, and Tre


A triple album? What? that was my first thought upon hearing Green Day announcing Uno, Dos, and Tre. But it’s Green Day. After listening to Uno, I am convinced that the remaining two parts of the triple album will be just as awesome as Green Day’s previous outings. I can’t wait for singles to be released off of Dos and Tre, and I am pumped for this new album.

Artist: Coheed and Cambria

Album: The Afterman: Ascension 


Coheed and Cambria. I wasn’t the biggest fan of The Black Rainbow, as it wasn’t as heavy as From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness. It did grow on me though, especially songs such as “Here We Are Juggernaut” and “The Broken”. But the two tracks released so far from Ascension, Domino the Destitute and Hollywood the Cracked, are both a return to the heavy guitar riffs of Good Apollo… Also, Claudio Sanchez’s voice seems to get better and better with each album, coupled with the fact that all of their albums tell a story, makes this album one of my most anticipated albums of the coming months.

So, those are the five albums that I simply cannot wait to be released. Check them out, and listen to some of the above mentioned bands older stuff. Anyways, what albums are you looking forward too? Sound off in the comments below!!


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