Five Graphic Novel Series DC Should Make Movies Out Of

The DC animated universe is great. Their animators are awesome, and take their job seriously, resulting in movie after awesome movie. The writing is nearly flawless, the storytelling is awesome, and, of course, the animation is completely flawless. And a s expansive as the DC universe is, there is all kinds of material that the animation studios have to draw from. Anyways, there are five graphic novels/comic book series that I believe DC should make into animated movies. However, I do not believe they should be exactly like the Graphic novels, but simply based off of them. Also, these are not my favorite graphic novels. Some of my favorites, such as Dark Victory, I believe should simply not be touched.

5. In Blackest Night

I read In Blackest Night over the summer, and I love it. It’s one of the best DC comics events ever. Taking place after the death of Batman, it crafts a story focused around Green Lantern (The first one, Hal Jordan) and The Flash, but brings in characters from across the DCU. It has an excellent plot dealing with The Black Hand and how powerful he is. There is also some great character development here, and that could make for a great movie, if handled correctly. Plus, DC’s animation team could, of course, make the action look great. With the right writers and animators, this could be crafted into an excellent animated movie. Oh, and there’s zombies. So there’s that.

4. Infinite Crisis

What a great movie this would be if it was handled correctly. Much like DC is currently doing with the Dark Knight Returns films, this should be two parts. This is a great graphic novel, and a pivotal moment in the DCU. How better to introduce people to the comic books than turning one of the most important events in the DC Universe into an animated movie? The characters focused on in this graphic novel are awesome, and I believe that this would have a great appeal to viewers, and is something that many people would like to become a movie. And what better way to lead to an eventual…

3. 52

52 is awesome. The way in which it’s handled is great, and an animated movie would be even better. The fallout between superheroes could be demonstrated really well in movie format. If handled correctly, character interaction could be great. 52 has a lot of potential, as it has great action sequences and awesome character development. It would certainly have a place among the animated movies already created by DC.

2. The Killing Joke

Yes, the Killing Joke. It’s arguably the best Batman graphic novel out there. It portrays how crazy Joker really is, and it does that well. Mark Hamill doing the voice work here would be awesome, and portray the Joker as he’s never been portrayed before in animated form. And this also showcases how crazy Batman is, which is a really cool element. This would be great for DC, as many would jump on the chance to have a movie version of this. Please, DC, make this into an animated movie. The action sequences would look great, especially the last act. With the proper voice acting, this could easily be the best DC animated movie ever to be made.

1. A Death in the Family

This would be perfect. It would offer an excellent prequel to DC’s best animated movie, Under the Red Hood, by giving insight into how the Red Hood was created. The story in A Death in the Family is great, and with DC’s writers, they could capture how good the story really is. This is another one where the Joker’s insanity is portrayed perfectly. Add this to some awesome action sequences, and a modern version of this classic graphic novel  could be created, and added to the roster of DC’s excellent animated movies.

So there they are. The five graphic novels DC should make into animated movies. If you have any thoughts, comment below!


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