Does School Kill Creativity? (And other thoughts on school…)

Does it? Well, yes, yes it does. Tonight, I should be writing three blog posts. I should be critically reviewing the new episodes of Forward Unto Dawn, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Young Justice. But no. Why? I’m swamped with homework. Oh, and I have a math test tomorrow. School oppresses our individual passions, and, as a result creativity.

So, reading and writing. Those two things I spend a lot of time doing. I write as many blog posts as I can, and I write fan fictions as well as my own original stories (which I’ll eventually post on here). And I read. Mostly graphic novels these days, but I’ve got a few novels I’m reading right now (1984 and The enchantress). Will I spend more than thirty minutes reading tonight? Probably not.

Five days out of seven we spend at school. And seven hours of each of those days are actually spent in school. But right when you get home, it’s homework. Or studying. School just puts us all in a box, assessing us on subjects where we have little to no interest. People, of course, have different interests. Mine happens to be English and History, so I don’t do as well in other areas. But very few people actually do extremely well in all of their classes. And those that do are, inconsequentially, the ones who create the least outside of school.

So we’re all forced to take four classes: Humanities, English, Science, and Math. Oh, but you get to choose an elective! Ok, yeah I chose band. And I have a passion for that too. But math? PE? Science? Not really. What school does is limit us. Many people could be excellent writers (like me!), and have a passion for it. But at the most, they’ll get an hour and thirty minutes of that in a day. And even then, they aren’t able to do all they’d like to do, as those with little interest in English hold them back.

Honestly, there’s just so little time to pursue our passions, which is really depressing. We’re all forced into a box, and that kills our creativity. And, on top of that, we’re tested against each other. Learning shouldn’t be a competition. But it is. They award those of us who get good grades. And even then, the systems are iffy. I’m not going to go into my personal feelings about ward systems, because that would just get me worked up. So I’ll leave it at that.

But what is possibly my biggest issue with awards is that we’re only ever recognized for what we do in school. And there’s very few people who actually achieve Honor Roll or Principal’s List (I’m one of them, but still). What about the people who have a passion for sports? They aren’t really recognized. One of my closest friends is really into sports, and he’s good at them. So I’ll use him as an example. Sports are his passion. We sit down and play Halo and stuff, but at the end of the day, we’re fundamentally different. And he doesn’t get any recognition at all for his prowess in sports. And, being swamped with tests and projects, there isn’t time for anything else.

That’s the dilemma many of us find ourselves in. Do you think my teachers give a damn about the fact that I blog? Or that I’m writing my own fiction? Maybe three or four of them would actually care. The rest wouldn’t even be encouraging. They wouldn’t take that as an excuse for not doing my homework. They don’t care about our passions, not really. What they care about is their class. Selfish much? Oh yeah.

And that’s a problem. Honestly, I don’t really care about math. Like, zero percent of me actually cares what m equals in 5x + 9x -3000c x 5781256847b + f = 394826589h. Like, I know some people do care, and that;s their passion. But outside of Math? Does school care about their prowess in Math, as a whole? Not really. I mean, I care about my friend’s passions, and I know they probably care about mine. That’s why so many of them read this blog. That’s why I go to their games.

But school? They only care about putting us in a box and assessing us. Humans all have the capacity to create. But only if we’re in an environment that allows us to do so. And school, honestly, isn’t one. Not in any way, shape or form.

Anyways, sound off in the comments with your opinions, and I promise my reviews will be up tomorrow at the latest!


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5 Responses to Does School Kill Creativity? (And other thoughts on school…)

  1. aziz says:

    I completely agree.

  2. Sergio Snabian says:

    This is awesome

    • jeanluc1997 says:

      It’s funny that you’d post that, as my mom recommended it to me after reading this blog post. I honestly couldn’t agree more, it’s not so much school that’s the issue, but how it’s structured. This one’s good to, I like the RSA Animate version better, I bet you’ve already seen it but here’s the link anyways:

      • Kyle Deuling says:

        I envy such artistic skills.

        Speaking of Sir Ken Robinson, have you ever read The Element? I highly recommend it, and have a copy you may borrow if interested.

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