Forward Unto Dawn Part 1 Review

Halo has expanded into another form of entertainment, and, unsurprisingly, impressed me. This was a great episode, and showed us the world of Halo from a perspective we’ve never seen it from before. Plus there’s some great action and awesome characters. 

The show starts off with a training exercise. It’s the only action scene in the entire episode, which is slightly disappointing. But it’s awesome, and introduces the major characters and their personalities. The props are great, and those MA5B’s look just like those in the game. The battle is cool, but slightly uneventful and anticlimactic as it turns out to be a training exercise. But it hooks the viewers, and offers a great intro to a great episode. 

Within the next ten minutes, we get to know the rest of the characters. General Black’s speech felt a little forced, but the point got across, and it ended up working. I just wish he was someone we actually knew of in the Halo universe. But oh well, he still seems like a cool character that will play a major role throughout the show.

And again, the props? That Warthog looks great. It’s awesome how much care they put into some of that minor stuff. 

Over the next few minutes, we get to know the other characters. Sully, who is obviously the tech geek, and I really like him. Especially after he mentions that ONI’s hiding stuff. That’s awesome, as it acknowledges that the rest of the Halo universe exists, something that could have been a problem. Laskey is the target of a few other members of his squad, who are mad at him for disobeying orders Even though the order was stupid. Laskey is a rebellious character, and he’s obviously going to end up being the leader. But his evolution is going to be interesting.

And the hatred if the insurrectionists? That’s great, because it shows just how misguided characters like Silva are. But the budding brother/sister (or maybe something more) bond is well down, and the actors have chemistry, which is great. And then we find out Laskey’s mother is some big shot colonel. Again, I wish his parents were someone we already knew. Lord Hood, for instance.

Again, he’s reprimanded for not following orders, and told of the potential he has. More evidence that he will become a leader. After this, we find out that his health is an issue.This could be a cool factor in the future, as it could have a toll on his squad. 

Anyways, we’re soon introduced to his brother. Who I’m assuming is dead, as we all know what happened on Jericho 7. Well maybe not, but I’ll tell you this: it wasn’t pretty. Obviously, they had a pretty strong bond. And at this point we again get some chemistry between Laskey and Silva. And again, Silva talks about how evil the “innies” are. Whatever. She’s just a victim of propaganda, but it’s cool that they’re portraying her like that. 

To conclude: Covenant ship in the background as the cadets go to sleep? That can’t be good, and, being 2525, it’s the year of first contact. Actually, it may have already happened, as, in the words of Sully earlier in the episode “ONI’s hiding something.” Yep. Covenant.

Anyways, this was a string start to a series that can only get better. Despite the lack of action and a plot that was just alright, this is a great episode, mostly because of the awesome characters. Also, the props ans effects are good, and the one action sequence we got was awesome. I can’t wait for the next episode.




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