The Clone Wars “A War on Two Fronts” Review

Unsurprisingly, this was another great episode of the Clone Wars. It was a little slow paced, and not as good as the premiere, yes. But what this episode did more than anything was set up for the next episode. Focusing on the budding rebellion of the planet Onderon, this was overall a great episode.

First of all, discussing terrorism on a Saturday morning show on Cartoon Network? The show gets props for that alone. throughout the show’s life though, it hasn’t been afraid of more mature topics. And that’s awesome. Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka travel to Onderon to train an insurrectionist group. This makes for an excellent story line.

The training is cool, if a little slow paced. It’s never boring though, because of the characters. This episode builds conflict between characters really well. Lux Bonteri is present, and he and Ahsoka already have a relationship of sorts, despite her being a Jedi. So her conflict with Steela is pretty believable, and plays out pretty well throughout the episode, though it will probably be something that is explored more as theis arc continues.

The second character conflict is the classic warrior vs politician. Saw Gerrera, the leader of the insurgency on Onderon, and Lux Bonteri, the son of Onderon’s senator. Obviously, Saw believes that Lux doesn’t have a place in the rebellion. Bonteri, on the othe rhand, wants to help in whatever way he can. This leads to insults from Saw, and both trying to disrupt the others lives. This is resolved by the end of the episode, but it is still a cool aspect to the episode, especially since it introduces the theme of peace vs. war – one present throughout the episode.

So, the actual plot. It’s a little slow, and the training of the insurgency is cut down. This is a tactic that the Republic continues to use (as those of you who read the Republic Commando series know), but it isn’t shown very well here. the rebellion seems pretty incompetent, and the training is really slow paced. There are some cool sequences, such as the destruction of the AAT and destroyer droids, but other than that it’s pretty stale, and only held afloat by the conflicts between characters throughout the episode.

It’s disappointing though, that Anakin and Obi-Wan play such a minor role. They give a few words of wisdom here and there, and are the strategic geniuses, but they don’t get much action. Obi-Wan does say that they have to allow the rebellion to fight the battles themselves, but still, the lack of Jedi action is a let down.

The battle sequence at the end is pretty cool though. Steela’s sniping is impressive, and the entire action sequence was pretty cool. The insurrectionists seem to have learned, and put their new skills to use here, and, as always, the animators create an awesome battle. The conclusion is cool, especially the way in which they get into the city.

It ends with the characters running off to gather reinforcements, offering the perfect set up for the next episode. I was surprised that none of the rebels connected the droid attack to the arrival of the Jedi, though. Hopefully that will be explored in future episodes.

Overall, this was a strong episode. Despite the slow pace, character development held the episode afloat, and the action sequence at the end was awesome, if a little short.




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