Young Justice “Darkness” Review

Wow. That was an awesome episode. Like, season one good. After a string of eight alright episodes that seemed unfocused, Young Justice snaps back to form with an episode that focuses on one plot line, and at the same time delivers some awesome action.

This picks up on one of the wayward plot points from last weeks episode. Blue Beetle and Impulse seem to be developing a friendship, which is cool, as they were at each others throats somewhat last episode. Each of them showcasing their respective skills is pretty cool, and I love Impulse’s self portrait. The scene on Kaldur’s flier is pretty cool as well, as we got to see Lagoon Boy put in his place by Aqualad, who is an awesome character. Overall, it was a great introduction.

And then there was the battle between the terror twins, Kaldur, Tigress (who is Artemis), Icicle Jr and Beetle and Impulse. The action was great, and each character got to show off their individual powers, which is great. The one thing I didn’t get was why Blue Beetle didn’t take out his opposition when he had the chance. He didn’t have to kill them, as the suit suggested, merely bring them down. Before the battle, there was an interesting scene in the flier. Icicle Jr. actually acknowledged that season 1 happened, with a cool nod to the Belle Rev episode. And then the Terror Twins and Icicle Jr got put down by Tigress/Artemis, proving just how much of a badass she is.

Next, the raid on the cave, which is the best part of the episode. Beast Boy was taken down a bit too easily, but other than that, it was awesome. Superboy should have been able to hold his own, but that battle was awesome regardless. Impulse’s tricks continue to impress me, and he is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters (of course he is, he’s Impulse!). And the collars were a pretty cool tactic, ensuring a swift victory for the Light. Except for, of course, Nightwing. Who battles Tigress. this is cool, as both are proficient hand to hand combat fighters, and the fight is awesome, if a bit brief. Nightwing needs more action.

I also don;t think he’d just let Kaldur punch him like that. Oh well. Blue Beetle’s attempted escape was great as well. The suit taking control? I didn’t know it was possible. But it’s still cool, and shows just how brutal the scarab is willing to be, beating down most of the Light’s strike team. And then he hits Aqualad and finds out that he was bluffing about the bomb! And then it’s not only the suit that goes after Kaldur, but Jamie as well. Kaldur takes him down, discovering that the suit’s weakness is magical energies.

Just a quick side note, that means we’ll probably see Zatanna come back, since the light’s partner, as we know from the trailer, is Black Beetle. Being immune to almost everything but magical energies, Zatanna will be essential, and she adds a pretty cool dynamic to the team.

Anyways, Kaldur finally being introduced to the Light was a long time coming. And we now can safely say that we’ll officially find out who the Light’s partner is next week, as Black Manta seems to be taking Aqualad there after he blows up the cave.

And Kid Flash’s little speech to Nightwing at the end is awesome. What if Kaldur is a triple agent? I kind of hope he is, because that would be a great plot twist, and add a new element to the show.

Oh, and I found it cool how, as the cave collapsed, we saw Artemis’ hologram being destroyed. Could this symbolize her actually falling to the Light later? that too would be cool.

Overall, this was an awesome episode. There was some awesome action, some interesting character development, and a lot of set up for next week’s episode, which is shaping up to be pretty awesome.

Rating: 8.5/10


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