Dishonored First Impressions

I’m really happy at the moment. You see, I just bought Dishonored tonight, a game I have wanted for months. I’ve only played for about an hour, so I haven’t gotten very far, and the stuff I have done I’ve tried to find alternate ways of doing, so, really, I’m only on the first real mission.

Anyways, the game starts off with a brief introduction video with a voice over by the Empress. It’s a good way to begin the game and give the player a brief intro to the story. Anyways, within the next few minutes, you’re at the Empress’ palace and are asked by her daughter (Lady Emily) to play hide and seek. You don’t have to, but it does give you a brief tutorial on basic stealth elements, so it’s worth doing.

Soon after that, you’re already being attacked and introduced to the sleek combat system. The Empress is murdered, and you’re taking to prison. Which, considering this game is published by Bethesda, isn’t really a surprise. The prison is disappointing, as you aren’t given many choices. You pretty much have to kill everyone, except for a few people you can knock out. This segment is pretty easy, and the combat is extremely enjoyable. Once you’re out of the prison, you do have a few choices as to what you can do. You can either drop into the river and evade the guards, and get to the sewers that way, or attack them head on. The choice is limited, yes, but it’s good that it’s there.

The sewers are similar to the prisons, in the way that you pretty much have to cut down everyone who gets in your way. You do see the plague rats in action in the sewers, and that is both gruesome and in a twisted way kind of cool. You eventually get to the weapons that were left for you by a “friend” and then you just keep following the sewers in order to exit them.

All the sewers and prison segments really are are an extended tutorial. The way they built it in is cool, especially since it adds to the story, but the lack of choice is disheartening.

But then it gets interesting. You’re briefly introduced to the loyalist rebels, and talking to them reveals a lot about the story. You do learn a few things about the world, tactics that could prove useful later. But what’s really interesting about this part is the visit form the Outsider in your dreams. He takes you to what seems to be a different plane of reality, and here, you get your powers. The first is Blink, which is basically a teleport, but it’s pretty cool. And the way it’s introduced and the way you learn it is cool. At the end you get a heart which shows you where runes and bone charms are, which can help you get new powers and upgrade your old ones. I chose to get Dark Vision, but you don;t have to get a new power.

Anyways, you wake up after this and the game wastes no time sending on your mission. And that mission? To assassinate one of the people who orchestrated the murder of the Empress. (Which they basically admit to in the prison.) So you are taken to a dock, and get off the boat. This is where choices start coming in. By activating Dark Vision, I was able to see a single guard standing by the dock. There were a lot of ways to deal with him. You could just swim around and come out of the water past him. You could do a stealth kill, or a non lethal take down. You could shoot him with either your gun or crossbow. You could attack him head on. I’m sure there’s more.

But each choice has a consequence. Taking him out loudly means that he’ll have time to alert his fellow guards. Swimming around him means that you could have a guard behind you while trying to accomplish another objective who could discover you at any time. Killing him just in general increases the riots and plague rats in the city. The best option is to silently knock him out, but he may become aware of you. What I did was use blink to teleport me in front of him and shot him with my crossbow. I was fast enough so he didn’t raise the alarm. But now, you have a body just lying around. So how to deal with it? Well, you could leave it out. You could carry it with you and plant is a distraction. Or, you could toss it into the river.

Next, you ascend the stairs and come across three guards. Which I knew the exact position and lines of sight of because of my Dark Vision ability. Again, there are a lot of choices. I found a can of whale oil lying around, and I threw it at them. Loud, yes, but also very effective. I placed another can behind me that I could shoot if more guards came running. At this point, there’s a bone rune that you can’t get to, but I wasn’t in the mood to look for that many ways around it.

I left off by finding another rune and talking to an old woman. (Who has a name, but I can’t remember it) She asked me to take out a group of people outside of her house, so I left off evaluating my options.

Overall, Dishonored is a great game so far. The game itself looks amazing, the combat system is awesome, the story is great so far, and the choice system is really awesome. As I get further into the game, I’ll be posting more on Dishonored, culminating in my final review!


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