Dishonored – Day 2

So, I’m on my second day of playing Dishonored. And guess what? It’s still awesome! There’s even more choice, and that makes the game a whole lot better.

Last night, I stopped playing after I agreed to take out the thugs for Granny Rags. So right aftet that, I went back to her and she gave me a rune. Awesome, right? She also asks you to get her a sample of a rat’s internal organs so that you can wipe out a gang by poisoning their whiskey supply. I wholeheartedly agreed.

First, you have to break into a doctor’s house, who is studying the plague. It’s rather easy, as you just walk in the front door. But then there’s three guards you have to deal with. Oh, the options you have! I chose to do it the stealthy way. This involved activating Dark Vision and analyzing the movements of the guards. Eventually, I entered the room, silently knocked out one guard while the others looked away. I then hid his body in an adjoining room.

After this, I came out of the room behind the second guard, and took him out silently as well, stashing his unconcious body in the same place as the first one. Finally, I entered the kitchens, and snuck up behind the last guard. I took him out the same way I’d disposed of the others. The kitchen had a lot of interesting stuff in it. Food, which I ate to restore my health. I also found two health potions, which was awesome. And, finally, I found some keys. And I unlocked a door. And behind that door, I found a pack of plague rats. And they attacked me. They just clawed at me and almost killed me. So I dealt with them. And all that was in that room was a mana potion. Useful, but not worth almost dying at the hands of a pack of rats.

And then I ascended the stairs. I was being cautious, so I turned on Dark Vision and found two servants on the top of the stairs. I blinked up to a door and entered that room, finding sleep arrows. Exiting that bedroom, I blinked to the other door. I was still out if sight of the servants. (One may have been a guard, I’m not sure). Anyways, after exploring the scond room, I activated Dark Vision and discoversd that the servants had left. I exited the room. and ascended the final flight of stairs.

Using Dark Vision again, I discovered a guard on the top floor. I put him down with a sleep arrow from my crossbow, and then looted him for keys. I then moved through the rooms on the top floor, finding some useful stuff. And then, behind a fake wall, I discovered the rats innards. Leaving, I found a servant outside one of the doors. I snuck up behind her and hit her with a sleep arrow.

I exited the house unchallenged, and then moved on to my next objective: The gang’s base. On the way, I found two gang memebers outside a door, and put them both down with sleep arrows. Moving down, I heard shouting inside a builidng, behind wooden planks. I cut them down. and let him out, though I could have killed him. It turns out he owned a shop, and would be willing to sell to me. Useful.

There was also a bone charm in the building. I picked it up, an left. Entering the gang’s holdout, I immediately activated Dark Vision, and evaluated the situation. I decided to do this stealthily. I blinked up to a pipe and walked around on it. From there I blinked to a nearby rooftop. And then to another rooftop. I then blinked down behind some barrels and entered the winery. I slid under a trip wire, and deactivated the cannon I would have activated. I left off blinking onto pipes trying to not be spotted.

Again, I only played for a few hours. Next weekend will be my big push.

But it’s still awesome. Dishonored is an excellent game. The story so far is awesome, the action is great and the choice system is awesome.


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