Dishonored – Day 3

Sorry I haven’t had this up earlier. It’s been written since Saturday night… I just haven’t uploaded it. So for that, I apologize.

Dishonored is still awesome. It’s easily in my top 5 games, which will be updated at the end of the year. Anyways, getting to what I’ve accomplished since I left off. So yesterday I left off in the distillery on the pipes above the guards. Another quick blink got me to the final catwalk, where I dropped down behind the sole guard who was guarding the door. I silenced him, and carried his body with me into the next room, where I deposited it. I moved on towards the objective, doing a drop take down on another guard. I stashed his body in an adjacent room, where I also poisoned the gang’s wine.

On my way out, I picked up a bone charm from the rafters by blinking from barrel to barrel, and evnetually up there. After this, I exited the room the same way I had gotten in. Once outside, I got up to the rooftops, and used blink to get back to the door. I exited with almost no one knowing I had been there.

On my way back to Granny Rags, I pulled the Heart out on a whim, and decided to grab a nearby bone charm. It was above the room where I had saved that shopkeeper. It was pretty easy to get, as I just had to cut through some weak wood. I took it, and then made my way back to Granny Rags. For my troulbes, she gave me yet another rune. As a result, I now have four abilities: Blink, Dark Vision, Possession, and Bend Time, the new one.

I set off, and again pilled out the Heart. I decided to investigate a bone charm I had left behind earlier. I swam to the island, and dsicovered a chain that I could climb. I ascended the chain, and grabbed the bone charm from the tower. I then left and continued with my mission. I climbed around the first wall of light, and pulled the whale oil out of the second.

As soon as I was past the second wall of light, I took the path to the left, where I knocked out a lone guard, and dumbed his unconcious body in a dumpster. I knocked out another who was investigating the deactivated wall of light, and left him in the same place. Anothe rguard discovered them, and I blinked onto a rooftop. As they entered the side street, I went out onto the main road, grabbed a rune, and advanced.

I then freed an ally of the loyalists in the next courtyard. He gave me some information, and then ran off.

Another area of guards awaited. I blinked around, using random noises to lure them into my grasp, and I disposed of them. I then moved forwards. I made a mistake here, and opened a a door without looking for another way around or checking behind it with Dark Vision. Luckily, I was able to cut down the guard within quickly and he didn’t have the chance to raise the alarm. It was also around this point that I was informed that I could exocommunicate my target from the order he’s a part of instead of killing him.

I snuck into the palace relatively easy, and cut down or knocked out any guards in my path. I easily gained access to the library and knocked out the guards that were inside. I then learned how to excommunicate the high priest. I moved into his dining hall, and broke the glasses that were on the table so that he wouldn’t be able to poison the captain of the guard. As he attempted to murder him anyways, I stepped out and intervened, and knocked out the priest. I then dragged him to the interrogation chamber and branded him. Moving back into his dining hall, I grabbed a rune he had on his wall. I moved out through the windows, and entered the palace again through the front door.

I had no choice but to take out a guard who saw me. I blew him and one of his companions away with my pistol, and left their hostages. I then moved into the tunnel I entered the place through and discovered the priests secret chamber. And there, I found another rune. Awesome, right?

Leaving the palace, I carefully made my way back to Samuel the boatman. On my way, I pulled the heart and decided to get all the bone charms and runes. One rune was in a building. It was fairly simple to get to, I just blinked to the top and then dropped down and entered through the windows. I exited the building, possessed a guards dog and ran him off the side of a cliff before blinking back up. I then popped the guard with a sleep arrow.

Activating Dark Vision, I scanned the area. I snuck up behind a guard and knocked him out, entering a building and grabbing the rune that was inside. The final bone charm (or rune, I can’t remember which) was nearby, and i grabbed it. On my way out I decided to have some fun and attacked a few guards, taking them down with a mix of the excellent combat system and bending time.

And then I left, completing the mission. This is where I left off. Again, Dishonored was filled with multiple ways to accomplish tasks. It’s awesome, and one of the best games I have ever played. I can’t wait for my next session!


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