The Walking Dead “Seed” Review

Walking Dead knows how to start a season with style. That was one of the best Walking Dead episodes I have ever seen. Jam packed with action from beginning to end, some awesome set piece, and great character development, season three is off to a great start.

Starting off with a great action sequence, this episode does what every premiere should. It pulls the viewer in. The first two or three minutes are done with no one talking, and that is just awesome. It’s a great tool, as it shows us that there’s really nothing to talk about. It’s been a hard few months of winter fro Rick and co, and it shows. Relationships are strained between characters, especially Rick, Carl, and Lori. But the action is great, as Carl, Rick, Daryl, T-Dog, Glenn, and Maggie enter a house silently and dispatch of all the zombies within.

And guess what? T-dog actually does something! He’s an awesome character, but he never really did anything in season 2. Showing him actually doing stuff was awesome.

Anyways, moving on, the walkers close in on the house, and the group has to make a quick escape. Which they do, running to the cars and driving away to escape the zombies. They stop once they’ve outrun them, and discuss their next move. Apparently they’ve been scavenging for months, and are being chased by hordes of the undead. And they’re about to be cut off by the walkers. Oh, and Lori’s pregnant, remember? Yup, there’s some problems.

At first I thought that the show’s creators would wait one or two episodes before getting the group to the prison. But they don’t. Rick and Daryl find the prison while they’re of hunting. Which is great, because the prison is my favorite part from the comics. Entering the prison, the group cuts down the walkers in the courtyard. It’s another action sequence, and I have to say, the effects are awesome. Sound and visual effects have improved since last season, and it’s great.

Once the walkers have been dealt with, the group settles down. But Rick doesn’t let them rest, informing them that the next day will be a big day, as they’re taking the prison. Lori tries to talk sense into him, saying that the group is exhausted. But Rick doesn’t care, and it’s important that they keep moving forwards. So they go in the next day. The action is, again, awesome, as they cut down more walkers. And then the walkers in riot suits show up. The way that the group deals with them is awesome, pushing their heads back and stabbing them.

Into the prison they go. Finding a dead guard (who doesn’t seem turned and has a bullet in his head), they take keys off of him, and move deeper into the prison. This takes them into an empty cell block, which they quickly claim as their own. The show seems to have replaced Sophia with Beth, at least for Carl. Beth seems to have assumed the role of Sophia, which is interesting after Sophia’s death in season 2.

And then deeper into the bowels of the prison they go. The use of music in this show is awesome, building suspense and keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. Eventually they run into walkers, and when they run into one group, they’re quickly overrun by walkers. While Glenn and Maggie are trapped in a room, Hershel, Rick, Daryl, and T-Dog advance. They meet up again, and fall back. In the process, Hershel is bitten. But then, staying true to the comics, Rick chops his leg off.

And then they find the survivors of the prison. Instead of their being four, there’s six that I counted. Maybe they’ve decided to introduce some characters in different ways. Perhaps… Tyreese?

And then there’s the short segments with Andrea and Michonne. Michonne is a badass, but there’s no surprise there. And apparently Andrea’s sick… something that maybe the Governor would have the supplies to cure?

This is an excellent episode. It sets up future episodes, and delivers some great action. The acting is awesome, and the effects are great, as is the style of filming. Characters are still awesome, and their relationships are really cool.




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