Dishonored Journal Day 4 Part 1

Last night, I played Dishonored for all I was worth. So I got a lot accomplished, and instead of putting it all into one blog post, I’ve decided to break it up into three more manageable chunks. The first part is going to pick up where I left off, and chronicle the Slackjaw side missions. Part two will be my elimination of the Pendleton family, and part three will be the bridge mission, at least up to the point where I left off.

Last time I played, I left off after completing the first mission. Arriving back at the Loyalist stronghold, I was asked to deal with a few weepers. Weepers, for those who don’t know, are victims of the plague who simply cannot be helped and walk around like zombies trying to murderer you. So I descended into the sewers. This was brief, and I decided to be merciful. I brought out my sleep arrows and put down the weepers. Pulling out the heart, I discovered two runes in the sewers. I grabbed them both, and then went back up.

Once I was back in the pub, I informed the Admiral that I had taken care of the weepers. He then gave me my next mission: Get Emily from the Golden Cat and take out the Pendleton twins in the process. Even their younger brother, Lord Pendleton, seemed cool with me taking them down. And after a brief visit to the armory, I was off. Samuel the boatman took me back to where I began the first mission. Except now they’d installed a  watchtower. With cannons. I swam around the tower, and climbed up the chain, and, to my delight, the door was open. After slitting a guards throat and knocking out two others, I began formulating my plan to deal with the tower. I realized that I could blink to certain points on it, and immediately did that. Once I was at the top, I rewired the tower, and it works for me now.

On my to the Distillery, I pulled out the heart, and went to go grab a bone charm. Getting up into the apartment where it was hidden was easy, but as soon as I was on the ledge, I found an interesting sight. One of the Assassin’s who had attacked the Empress! I assassinated him, and then moved into the apartment, putting down another of the assassins. I grabbed the b one charm and exited, putting down a third with my crossbow.

Next, I went to the Whiskey Distillery, which had taken a hit since I poisoned their whiskey. Three of their men were weepers, and had been imprisoned. This team, I didn’t have to sneak in, as I was an ally of theirs now. Slackjaw asked me to investigate Galvoni’s house again, as he’d sent one of his best men there. I agreed, and moved to his house, dealing with the guards outside with a combination of sleep arrows and non lethal take downs.

Entering the house, I quickly realized it was even more of a dump now than when I had last been there. I put down the two guards on the bottom floor, stashing their bodies in the room that had been infested with rats. I then advanced advanced up the stairs, and put down two more guards. I found a dead thug, who turned out to be Slakjaw’s agent, on the third floor. I grabbed his final message, and returned to Slackjaw. He then gave me a new way into the Golden Cat, and asked em to do something else for me. He wanted me to enter the house of an artist and find the code to his safe. I didn’t have the key, so I went looking. I ran across two guards harassing a civilian, and took them both out. It turned out that the civilian had worked for the Artist, and gave me the key to his house. I entered his house, and took put four thugs inside.

I then discovered that I couldn’t find the safe combination. I realized I’d have to get it out of the artist, who was at the Golden Cat. There will be more on how I got it later, but I did, and after getting it I returned to the Artist’s house. Why I didn’t simply complete the mission at that point, I’m not sure, as all the guards I’d knocked out were back in position by the time I came back. And there wasn’t really much in the safe anyways. I took it all, but didn’t return to Slackjaw. It was time to take out the Pendletons.


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