Dishonored Journal – Day 4 Part 2

So.. part 2 of my fourth day of Dishonored. It was violent. Yep. Quite violent. Anyways, this part will chronicle my adventures in the Golden Cat which were quite fun. So far, it’s one of my favorite parts of the game. There’s dozens of ways to accomplish it, and I love that.

So, after entering the captain of the guard’s apartment, I made my way up stairs and exited onto the roof. On the roof, I moved forwards and used Blink to get into an alleyway. I moved up the alleyway and activated Dark Vision. I found that there were three guards patrolling the main street. One was a little further back. The first was easy to take out, as he was off to the left. I got up behind him and knocked him out, then moved him behind a pile of boxes. The next guard I lured behind another pile of boxes by throwing a wine bottle, catching his attention. I put him down. Finally, I got behind the final guard and knocked him out. I finished this out by moving all the unconscious bodies into a dumpster.

I then moved over tot eh edge of the water. Once there, I knocked out a single Courtesan and put her in a pile of plague ridden corpses. I then entered the water and possessed a hagfish. In the fishes body, I swam through a tunnel and entered the changing room. I exited the fishes body, and restored my mana. I then possessed a rat and used it to get past the two girls in the room. I went through a rat tunnel, and came out in the courtyard of the Golden Cat.

I then walked up the stairs and knocked out a guard. I took him back down to the main street and left his body with the rest of the unconscious guards. I then blinked up to the balcony and knocked out the single guard patrolling there. Entering the building, I knocked out two more guards and moved them out onto another balcony. Then, I grabbed a rune on a mirror. Pulling the Heart out, I located another rune in one of the courtesan’s rooms. I went up there, knocked her out, and laid her in her bed. I quickly grabbed the rune and moved back into the hallway.

In the room next door, I found Emily. She didn’t recognize me, but then I took off my mask. Her being so loud was weird, as yelling my name in a brothel filled with hostiles probably wasn’t the best idea. She said she knew a way out, and she quickly made her way down to the VIP exit. I looted the room, and then followed her. I let her exit by herself, as I still had some unfinished business to deal with.

I went down the staircase and knocked out someone in the kitchen and took her keys, which I used to gain access to a bedroom. I grabbed everything inside, and then went back out into the main room. I went past the room where I had left the Artist, and went out onto a balcony. I knocked out a guard, which was pointless as I ended up throwing him into the sea.

Anyways, I began moving across the window ledges, and entered the room of my first target. He was talking to a courtesan, and I possessed him. Let’s just say he went for an unwanted swim. I slit the courtesan’s throat and through her into the sea as well. Consorting with the enemy, in my eyes, is a punishable crime. After looting the room, I exited through the balcony and blinked up onto the third floor balcony. A single guard on patrol has his throat slit and was then thrown into the ocean. Walking across the window ledge again, I entered the room of the other Pendleton. I slowed time, and assassinated him and his courtesan friend before they had time to raise the alarm. I dealt with the bodies, and then went back down to the VIP exit.

After fighting my way through a few weepers, I made my way back to Samuel the boatman. to my relief, Emily had made it to him safely. The fact that I actually cred is a testament to how well Dishonored works, as it actually makes me care about the majority of the characters. Sam took me back to base, and I was given my next mission.

I’ll post the details on that tomorrow morning, as I, sadly, didn’t play Dishonored today. Anyways, there will be the final part of Day 4 as well as day 5 of my Dishonored journal.


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