Dishonored Journal Day 4 Part 3

Part three. Sorry it’s taken me so long to get this up, but I promise that it’ll be brief.

This part will begin with me leaving the base for Kaldwin’s bridge. The bridge leads to the house of the Royal Physician who I needed to capture for interrogation. On my way in, Samuel informed me that he wouldn’t be able to pick me up unless I disabled the spotlights, so, inevitably, that was my first objective. Exiting the bat, I made my way up a staircase. I leapt onto a chain and jumped across the river, onto another catwalk. Activating Dark Vision, I scoped out the area. Four guards were present, one in a guard house with a spotlight. I decided to take him out first.

I blinked behind cover and entered the guard house. I knocked him out, and stashed his body under the console. The second guard was walking down a smaller bridge, patrolling. I blinked behind him and knocked him out, stashing his unconscious body in a side passage. I knocked out the third guard while he was relieving himself, and dumped him in a trash bin. The fourth, and final, guard was looking over the sea when I knocked him out. I then stashed his body in a trash bin. I finished by grabbing the other two and putting them in their own trash bins, and entered the ext area.

I came out in a warehouse like building, and blinked around, looting the place. I then placed a carton of whale oil in a slot in the wall, and jumped into a cart that took me down the main street. I suppose I could have cut down everyone in the street, but I didn’t want to. I got into another guard house and knocked out the guard. Two more came into the guard house and I stealthily took both of them down. Finally, I went back down the street and entered a house, grabbing a bone charm.

I then moved on. Coming out, I found a noble and a guard talking. The noble then entered his house and I took out ht the guard. I then took out the noble and took his rune. I exited through the window and moved across the balconies to another rune. I took out a civilian with a sleep arrow and grabbed the rune from the Outsider shrine, and exited.

Afterwards, I made my way across a courtyard without being detected. I entered a room with two guards on the other side of a metal wall, with a passageway on each side. I waited for them to stop talking, and then one of them exited the room. I took him out, and then snuck into the room and took out the other. I exited the room and pulled a canister of whale oil out of it’s slot where it provided power to an Art Pylon. I moved up the metal stairs, and rewired the pylon. I went back down, and put the canister back in it’s slot. The Art Pylon zapped the lone unsuspecting guard.

I then moved up into the rafters and grabbed a chain, climbing it. I hit the lone guard above with a sleep arrow, and moved his body away from the sides. I moved up, and blinked onto the bridge. I moved up stealthily, and knocked out a guard. I stashed him behind some containers on the bridge just in time, as another guard ascended the stairs. I knocked him out too, and hid his unconscious body as well. The third guard was downstairs, and I put him down with a sleep arrow.

And that’s where I left off. Tomorrow I’ll have my day 5 post up, so look out for that! Hopefully I’ll be done with Dishonored by next weekend, so I can get my review of it up, and then finish Spec Ops: the Line and get that review up, all in time for my most anticipated game of the year: Halo 4!


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