Halo 4 Forward Unto Dawn Part 3 Review

Damn. After two good episodes, Part 3 of Forward Unto Dawn destroyed them both. It was easily the best episode, continuing the excellent character development of the previous two installments while finally giving us some awesome action.

Beginning with Laskey waking up after the training exercise, he quickly learns he has an allergy to chemicals used in cryogenics. Silva quickly ends up in his room, and boots up his computer. She discovers the videos of his brother, and asks him why he tortures himself with them. Why, indeed? And she genuinely seems concerned, and rightfully so. He’s not exactly operating on full capacity, as Blue Beetle’s Scarab would say. They are then contacted by Sully, and go to his quarters, and he shows them a classified video.

And that video? It’s like, 50 shades of awesome. Coming from a first person perspective, we see Master Chief (listen to the voice acting, it’s the Chief) and a few others dealing with Insurrectionist forces. And then the wall gets blown in, and they start working together. This seems to genuinely confuse the cadets. Why would they be fighting together? Most viewers of course know  that it’s because of the Covenant. And later it’s confirmed. But what really shocks the cadets is seeing Spartan 104 (Fred!!). They don’t really know what it is. They don’t even begin to expect that it’s a physically and mentally augmented super soldier who was secretly trained from the age of six on Reach.

Afterwards, they are all called to the mess hall, and discuss it fervently. They are interrupted by Laskey being called to the colonel’s office, where he is informed that he can leave if he so wishes. He doesn’t really show any emotion for or against leaving, but it’s clear to viewers that he wants to leave, judging from past actions. And then, in his quarters, Sully shows him something that was reflected in Fred’s visor. ELITES!! Oh yeah! The Covenant are around. And then the screen shuts down, which prompts Sully to go looking for Dimah, as he suspects she told her mother.

Laskey then goes looking for Silva, and finds her outside, thinking. She raises the question of why the insurrectionists and Spartans were fighting together. It’s hard not to yell. I mean, if you were being attacked by 7 foot aliens wielding lightsaber like weapons, would you keep shooting other humans? Who knows? Anyways, Laskey shows her the paper, and then their relationship truly begins. Yeah, who honestly did not see that coming?

But they’re interrupted by the alarm. They rush inside, as the facility is being evacuated. Dimah forces her way onto an evacuation craft, using her mother’s name as leverage. And then the ODST’s start dropping. We don;t see much of the battle, but we get the sense of fear from the cadets. And then, the episode gets really, really epic, as three Covenant cruisers descend from the sky and destroy the evacuation tower, killing Dimah. And, understandably, everyone runs. Laskey and Silva then watch as an Elite carves up the statue in the courtyard. That was awesome.

And it ends there. I can’t wait for the next episode, as it’s sure to be action packed. We saw some great action in this episode, both form Master Chief’s first person POV and outside the training facility. Add to this some excellent character work (as always) and great acting, and you’ve got the best episode of Forward Unto Dawn yet. Can’t wait for part 4!

Rating: 9.5/10


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