The Walking Dead “Sick” Review

They did it again. This was yet another great episode of The Walking Dead. While it wasn’t as good as the premiere was, it was still a pretty awesome episode. Some great action and character development make this episode awesome.

“Sick” picks up right where “Seed” left off, with the group facing the prisoners. None of them are the three from the comics, excluding Axel, but it doesn’t matter. They are all interesting characters, though they did not all get enough time to be fully flushed out. Tomas is easily the best of these five new additions to the cast, or would have been, had he been allowed to live out the episode. I thought for sure he would be another Shane, but Rick handling him in the way he did was great. It shows us how much the events of the first two seasons have changed Rick. Killing Andrew emphasized this, but it was a little uncalled for. Especially since he just locked him outside with a group of walkers, which is a pretty brutal way to kill somebody.

Killing Tomas was clearly called for. The way in which he put down that other prisoner was a little brutal, when they may have ended up being able to save him. And then how he threw the walker at Rick and tried to kill him throughout the battle. And he would have ended up being another Shane. My biggest complaint though, is that they didn’t keep him around longer. He could have offered some excellent character tension.

I also find it extremely unbelievable that none of the prisoners knew that the rest of the world had fallen apart. That wasn’t a big deal though.

Anyways, the Hershel story line was pretty intriguing. It was extremely similar to how it happened in the comics, but the tension was great. And with all the deviations this show has made from the source material (which are good, don’t get me wrong), there was no telling where they were going to go with that. Keeping him around was a good idea though. Like Ned Stark in Game of Thrones, he acts as something of a moral compass. And that’s something that I have a feeling Rick will desperately need in the coming episodes.

Again, the action was awesome. I love that search and destroy aspect where they just go through the hallways and take out any walkers who get in their way. It’s really cool, and offers some great action sequences. And at times, it’s genuinely scary. The way in which the excellent soundtrack is utilized makes the show that much better. And I’ve gotta admit, the prisoners just attacking the walkers all out made m chuckle. Rick, Daryl, and T-Dog watching them was priceless, and awesome.

The relationship between Lori and Rick also seems to be on the road to recovery. These scenes, while a little slow, offer some of the best character development in this episode, with her (finally) somewhat admitting that she was wrong about criticizing Rick for killing Shane after she essentially TOLD HIM TO.

The third story line I found a bit weird, but still logical. Carlo practicing C-sections on the walkers is downright creepy, but, thankfully, they didn’t show it. And there was obviously someone watching from the bushes. Hopefully one of the Governor’s men, because as soon as they get that story line rolling the better.

And sadly, no Michonne and Andrea. Hopefully next episode we’ll see more of them.

Well, that about sums up this excellent follow up to an amazing premiere. Great writing, acting, action, and character development all contribute to the episode making it another awesome episode of The Walking Dead,

Rating: 9/10


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