Young Justice “Before the Dawn” Review

So I was going through my posts today and realized that I’d never done a review for “Before The Dawn”. And, since it was easily the best episode of season 2, I realized that a review, even a late one, is essential. Also, this is my own little way of giving Cartoon Network the finger for putting Young Justice on hiatus. Seriously  what the hell guys?

Anyways, this episode wasted absolutely no time on getting to the point. It does away with multiple plot lines and instead focuses in on the rescue of the captured members of the team; Impulse, Blue Beetle, and Lagoon Boy. What I really appreciate about this episode is that they (finally) wrapped up the story line of the Light’s oh so mysterious partner. We all knew it was the Reach. I mean, maybe it was the fact that Black Beetle was in the trailer. Maybe. I’m not really sure though, it really wasn’t THAT obvious.

And we get to see exactly how much of a badass he is. I mean, he takes out Lagoon Boy, Batgirl, Robin, Superboy, Wondergirl, and Miss Martian (She wasn’t really operating at full capacity, but more on that later) all by his lonesome, while Shimmer only takes out the future Static. Which is cool that we got to see him, since we don know that he will be joining the ever-expanding cast of young heroes.

And I love the element of time travel that they’ve brought into Young Justice. Impulse reveals exactly why he came back to Blue Beetle, and it wasn’t just to save the Flash. The viewers know that something bad happened that caused him to travel back in time, but they had me (and many of my friends who watch the show) tricked into believing that it was all connected to the Flash. And maybe it is, he could play a massive role in stopping the Reach apocalypse, as Impulse puts.

And how about seeing the world through the eyes of Bart Allen? That was really, really awesome, especially since the rest of the world seems to be so slow to him. That was one of my favorite parts of the episode.

Also, I have reached the conclusion that Miss Martian really is a brutal, disturbed, and quite possible insane maniacal murderer. She rounds the corner, sees Kaldur, and what’s her first thought? Oh yes, let’s wipe the mind of the Atlantean. Just, you know, put him in a catatonic state. That’s what I do to all my close friends who betray me. But it did make sense, I guess, since she was close friends with Artemis. But keeping her out of the loop on this one was a bad idea on Nightwing’s part.

And Beast Boy changing into a tiger… to take on Tigress. That was pretty cool, and, of course, he was defeated. And now Miss Martian knows all and that’s probably not the best thing for anyone. So, in that respect, we saw some great character development for Miss Martian in this episode, as this will make her either even more brutal, or less brutal. I’m not completely sure which.

There was also some great character development for Blue Beetle. He’s quickly becoming one of my favorite characters on the show. After being told of the Reach apocalypse, he seems to change a little. Which is great, since he seemed to be slightly immature prior to this episode. And his fight with Black Beetle was awesome. Letting the Scarab take over at first was probably a good idea. And seeing him take control back was great. It’s sort of like he snapped, and just went all out on Black Beetle, which was awesome.

Also, Shimmer discovering her new powers was interesting. It’s as if she didn’t even know she had them. This means that it’s possible Static already has his powers, and the other kids as well. Even Stephanie Brown. And honestly, she’s a great character. After reading War Games I realized how awesome she is, and having her show up in a cameo could indicate her joining the team, most likely as Spoiler.

“Before The Dawn” was easily the best episode so far of season 2, and possibly one of the best episodes of the show overall. There was some great action as well as character development, and it wrapped up a few major plot points that it’s taken the show way too long to put the lid on. The fact that Cartoon Network put it on hiatus right after it starts getting good shows how stupid they are. So, I hope they read this, because I’m extending two awesome fingers to them for their stupidity.




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