Star Wars The Clone Wars “Tipping Points” Review

Wow, Clone Wars. Five seasons in and you’ve finally grown a pair. Sure, they’ve tackled a great many adult topics (this arc, for example) but when was the last time they killed off a major character who wasn’t a clone? Oh right, never. Steela was a lot more than a supporting character, and she was one of the key figures of this arc. And her death actually makes a lot of sense and could effect the rest of the season, especially if they bring Lux back into the fold at some point.

I’m not going to lie. This arc was not one of my favorites. It was good, but it simply cannot compete with the season 4 arcs, or even the season 5 premiere. But this episode was great. It did away with all the dull, slow moving plots of the last three episodes. While I do enjoy a good plot, and I love political struggles, the last few episodes were just a little slow moving and a little light on the action. “Tipping Points” accelerates the plot drastically.


In a much faster paced episode, rioting begins in the streets of Onderon. This is really, really cool, especially since this is, for all intents and purposes, a Saturday morning cartoon. The fact that they can get away with tackling subjects such as rioting is really cool. And ti provides an excellent intro to the final act of the Onderon story arc.

In which, of course, the separatists finally discover the rebel holdout outside the city, and send in the droid army. This actually reminds me a lot of the battle between the Gungan Army and the Trade Federation’s droid army in the climax of the Phantom Menace. But the tactics the rebels use are different. They wait in the shadows while the droid army advances and hit it from all sides, disappearing before taking any casualties. And then their army charges. At first, it seems as if the droid army will be entirely decimated.


But then the droid gunships arrive. I recognized them because of the fact that they were part of the first Lego Clone Wars line, back in 2007. But they’ve never used them before this, and finally suing them was cool. Especially since their arrival turned the tide of the battle. The rebel army was put into full retreat as a result of their attack. And I loved it. Personally, I found it a bit odd that the rebels were having such an easy time taking out the droid army, and the arrival of the gunships proved how outmatched the rebels really were.

The show had me convinced at one point that the Council was actually going to give up on the rebels. Even after Ahsoka contacted them begging for help I was fairly certain they wouldn’t be sending any help. But, of course, through the correct, though illegal channels (Hondo’s back!), they could get help to the rebels without the republic having to intervene. And it came just in time too. As the rebels were being pushed back, Hondo arrived, with rocket launchers.


Using the rocket launchers, the rebels were able to take out the gunships fairly easily. The tide is almost turned again though, when commando droids are sent to take out the king. Obviously, they are stopped by Steela, though only after she chases them to the ledge of a cliff. And then the cliff collapses. The king is saved, and Steela manages to grab onto the ledge. I was on the edge of my seat at this point, and Lux running to save her was actually kind of touching.

But, alas, he couldn’t get to her. And Saw had shot the last gunship into the cliff, and it landed behind the group. As Ahsoka uses the force to lift both Lux and Steela up, I actually though they would all live. But the gunship shoots Ahsoka, breaking her focus and she drops Steela. Who then proceeds to die.

This could have many implications for Lux, Saw, and Ahsoka. It’s my theory that Ahsoka will end up falling to the dark side at some point, and this, combined with the fact that Lux, who she’s been flirting with for TWO SEASONS basically just ditched her. And then his new girl friend died. This is a great thing for my theory, as it could lead to Ahsoka falling to the dark side.

Overall, this was a great episode, and easily the best of the Onderon arc. The plot was fast paced, yet still good, and there was an excellent amount of action. Probably more than all the other episodes in this arc combined, and it made for a great episode.

Rating: 9/10


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