The Walking Dead “Walk With Me” Review

In the third episode of season three of the Walking Dead, the Governor finally showed up. And you know what this means? My favorite story line from the comics is about to be recognized. And it begins with “Walk With Me”, which sees the Governor, as well as Woodbury, introduced and the return of everyone’s least favorite redneck: Merle.

This episode was entirely focused around Andrea, Michonne, and how they stumble across Woodbury. Rick, and the rest of the group, never show up, but that serves to build anticipation for when the two groups eventually cross paths. The show does strongly deviate from the comics at this point. Previously, it had been nothing too major, just a few characters missing or added (Sadly, still no Tyreese), but now they’ve altered the entire story line. Instead of Glenn, Rick, and Michonne getting captured by the Governor, it’s Michonne and Andrea, who see a military helicopter going down.

Soon after they arrive, the Governor shows up with some of his men, and Merle. Of course. And as much as I don’t like Merle, I have to say his return to the show was a great move, especially putting him with the Governor. They have matching personalities, and it makes complete sense that they would be allies. And that will definitely have some consequences for Rick and his group, especially since Merle will be going after him with a vengeance. It will also be interesting to see where Daryl stands on this, though I’m fairly sure he’ll remain loyal to the group.

The way in which the Governor’s character was introduced was a little weird, and people who have read the comics will know why. He’s not portrayed as being brutal right off the bat. In fact, Merle seems to be the more brutal of the pair. The Governor is almost nice at parts, though that does show just how cunning he is, using Merle as a scapegoat of sorts.

Like in the comics, Michonne doesn’t trust him right off the bat. The difference was, Rick and Glenn pretty much agreed with her in the comics, but Andrea doesn’t. At this point, she hasn’t seen what the Governor is capable of, especially since he doesn’t introduce the fights to them. The show may decide to leave those out, despite them being somewhat key to the story. Hopefully, Andrea will lose her naïveté soon, especially since towards the end of the episode we saw him as he is in the source material.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure he was going to kill those national guard troops. I was caught in between how they’d portrayed him in the comics and how they’d portrayed him in the show. I mean, there was that scene in the lab where the version of the Governor we all know came out a little, but it wasn’t enough for me to entirely doubt how he was going to deal with the National Guard troops. And by the time he and his men had finished killing them, I knew that the Governor would be mostly the same character we met in the comics.

And I like that. I mean, I don’t really like the Governor, I’m not sure he was intended to be liked. But the fact that he can put down other humans without his expression at all changing shows us exactly how brutal he is, and that’s a great thing for the show. Especially because a conflict between him and Rick is inevitable. Eventually, they’ll find the prison. Eventually.

And I have to say, Woodbury looks awesome. It’s portrayed differently, with a little more light shed on it than in the comics. It seems like it would actually be a nice place to live. Besides the fact that their leader lies to them about his exploits, claiming that the national guard troops were already turned when he found them. But he really is a great speaker, and that comes directly from the comics. He’s not at all a good person, but he can easily get people to follow him ,and people do follow him.

And the ending sent chills up my spine. Some of those scenes in the prison were pretty scary, but the heads were creepy. I know that he had them in the comics, but it’s a lot more brutal in a TV show. And I was surprised that he didn’t have his daughter in that room. I had guessed that’s what the room was for, as he looked at the picture just before entering, and int he comics he keeps his daughter around after she turns. So her not being around was something of a surprise, but maybe next episode.

Oh, and somehow I’ve neglected to mention the new title sequence. As always, the music is awesome (I love how it’s employed in this show, it’s masterful!) but I love how they’ve changed it, showing us entirely new places, and doing away with Rick’s hometown completely, though they may be making a trip back there soonish, if the comics are any indicator.

To wrap up this review, I have to say, that was another great episode of  The Walking Dead. Not that that’s a big surprise, considering how the killer mix of great storytelling, writing, and action hasn’t really failed us yet.




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