I Sense A Disturbance In The Force…

And a disturbance there is. This was easily the scariest Halloween ever. I woke up, and the first thing my dad says to me is that Star Wars has been bought by Disney. I thought about it all day. I love Star Wars. And I really don’t like Disney very much. I felt betrayed by George Lucas, more than anything, for selling out to Disney. And then I realized that there are quite a few things that will not survive this buy out. The biggest five are listed below, so check them out, and leave a comment about your opinion of this buyout.

5. The Comics

Since the 1990’s, Star Wars has had great success in the comic book industry. Under the publisher Dark Horse, which was created almost entirely for Star Wars before branching off, we have gotten comics such as “Knights of the Old Republic”, “Legacy”, “Invasion”, and, more recently, “Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison”. While there has been the occasional misfire, Star Wars comics have generally been really good. While I’m not the biggest of the Clone Wars comics  I think that nearly all the other Star Wars comics are written extremely well, and the artwork is awesome. Under Dark Horse, Star Wars comics have thrived.


Sadly, we may never see the likes of this again…

However, there is no way Disney will allow Dark Horse to continue publishing star Wars comics. Why? Because they own Marvel, and being the greedy money bags they are, they won’t allow the competition to continue publishing comics. And, since, many of the writers are Dark Horse writers, they won’t go over to Marvel. And recently, I haven’t been very impressed with the comics Marvel’s been releasing. So handing over the reins to Marvel will be a sad thing indeed.

4. Lucasarts

Also known as the studio that brought you such epic games as “Knights of the Old Republic”, The Battlefront games, “Republic Commando”, “Empire At War”, and many more. And, in 2013, they would have given gamers the gift of Star Wars: 1313, a third person action shooter taking place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. Alas, I doubt that Disney will allow Lucasarts to continue to operate. They have made attempts at making game sin the past, but all of them have being marketed towards a younger audience.


The days of awesome Star Wars games will soon be over…

And made by Disney Interactive Entertainment, or DIE. Which has turned out such monstrosities as “Hannah Montana: The Game (The logic behind which I do not at all understand), High School Musical: Sing It!, and all of the bad Marvel movie Tie-ins. Really, it’s sad. The minds at DIE couldn’t make a good game to save their lives, and will they absorb Lucasarts? I doubt it. They’ll make Star Wars games, but I am, with a heavy heart, predicting games that will, at best, be at the caliber of Kinect Star Wars. Which is a sad, sad thing.

3. The Music

Being a musician myself, the music of Star Wars has always fascinated me. None of the movies in the saga would be the same without John William’s classic compositions, which include “The Imperial March”, “Anakin Vs. Obi-Wan”, “Duel of the Fates”, and “May The Force Be With You”. His epic compositions have done a lot for the movies, and are a major contributor to the overall awesomeness of each of the six movies. And while John Williams does the best work, other composers do justice across other media. The video games and TV Shows also have great music, which also serve to add to the Star Wars experience.


On the other hand, Disney Channel has the decent soundtrack of the Avengers, and the passable AC DCsoundtracks for the tow Iron Man movies. Other than that, they haven’t really created much other good music. Think about it. They are responsible for some of the worst pop acts of all time. Selena Gomez. Demi Levato. Hannah Montana. Even thinking about them makes me want to vomit. Because none can sing. And that’s the music Disney has spawned, and, for Star Wars episode VII, the soundtrack will be either:

1. Bad Linkin Park Songs

2. Bad Pop Music

3. All of the Above

John Williams, all of the true Star Wars fans still have a place for you in our hearts.

2. The Expanded Universe

Yup. We can say goodbye to the Expanded Universe. The great work done by some great authors and developers will just be thrown out. The novels will be left on shelves by Disney to gather dust. The games will be forgotten. The comics lost. All because of Disney. They will no doubt choose to discontinue all of the books, at the very least.


Goodbye, Star Wars novels. You shall be sorely missed.

Why do I say this? The “New Star Wars movie every 2-3 years” is apparently based on an “original plot”. Hearing that made me die a little inside. Because it really is sad. There’s such a wealth of material for them to draw from. Luke Skywalker raising a new order of Jedi. The Yuuzhan Vong War. The events between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. But, no. Disney has chosen the path of an “original plot”. Which will probably suck, as I can write better plots than Disney. Knowing them, it will be a love story more than the sci-fi epic that we have all come to love so much.

Anyways, losing the Expanded Universe is quite sad. The reason being that it’s just so very, very awesome. I will never forget it.

1. The Clone Wars

This is easily the biggest loss Star Wars will take. Over the course of it’s five seasons, The Clone Wars has crafted an excellent story, and seen some great character development. Furthermore, they have taken real life issues and applied them to the Star Wars galaxy. This has led to an increasingly dark, and, as a result, awesome TV show that has been at the top of my watch list for the past five years. But despite plans for a sixth season, it will either all end after season 5 or descend into mediocrity.


Why? There’s no way Disney, with it’s dual TV channels, will allow one of it’s shows to air on Cartoon Network. So, they’ll have to take it off Cartoon Network. From there, it is extremely possible that they will cancel it. I hope not, but it could be better than the alternative. And that alternative is that it is moved to Disney XD and becomes something Star Wars fans like to sweep under the bed. The complex and dark plot lines will be gone in favor of a lighter, more kid friendly show. Look at what Disney did to the Avengers. Both avengers TV shows that Disney has run have been extremely disappointing. And bad. So hopefully Clone Wars does not descend down that dark path.


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3 Responses to I Sense A Disturbance In The Force…

  1. Kyle Deuling says:

    A sad, sad day. What a sellout. 4 billion dollars, that is some crazy money for your life’s work! They said Star Wars 7 is coming out in 2015, what a bad movie I sense that will be.

    • jeanluc1997 says:

      It is really sad. I mean, all six Star Wars movies plus the Indiana Jones movies and all accompanying material… for only 4 billion dollars. It was completely unexpected, and, quite frankly, pretty depressing.

  2. Omar Abu Ali says:

    Lucas selling Star Wars to Disney is fantastic. The simple fact is that since the prequel trilogy showed up the series has been tainted forever. It became something it was never meant to be. Star Wars is too big for one man, other directors need a shot at the title. Do I need to remind you that the Avengers movie and all the Marvel movies building up to it are owned by Disney? Those were BETTER than Star Wars was. Besides, Disney has a contract with Joss Whedon, and who wouldn’t want to see Whedon take a shot at making a Star Wars film?

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