The Walking Dead “The Killer Within” Review

Oh, man. This episode was not at all kind to Rick’s group. Not at all. Three major characters killed… in on episode. It was crazy. And one of the best Walking Dead episodes I have ever seen. The suspense and action that the Walking Dead has delivered from the start was present, but even more so than in almost any other episode, there is just so much character development in this episode. And the way in which it’s handled is really awesome.


Ok, so you have been warned. For those of you who have continued reading, you probably already know that T-Dog, Carol and Lorie were killed in this episode. T-Dog’s death was slightly surprising, as I didn’t think they would kill him off, but they did. I’m going to miss him, especially since he’s had a much bigger role this season than last season. And everyone knew that he was bitten.

But really, it was T-Dog’s final moments that defined him. He did everything he could to make sure that Carol got out. After he was bitten, clinging to the scraps that remained of his humanity, he made a choice. He charged the two walkers, knowing that there was nothing he could do about it. Carol’s death isn’t really confirmed, but it is strongly inferenced that she is no more. And this will offer some great character development in coming episodes, especially for Daryl, who was starting to build a relationship with her. In the end, T-Dog died a hero.

Bot it was Lorie’s death that was the most shocking of all. They basically told us that she would need a C-Section in order to deliver the baby but… wow. What a bad time to have a baby. Right after the walkers attacked, her, Carl, and Maggie ran into a side room, and found their paths blocked by walkers. And they ended up in the boiler room where Lorie started delivering. The thing that was so great about that scene was that I was honestly on the brink of tears. After two seasons, the show has done such a good job of building up these characters that I, and I’m sure many other viewers, feel an emotional connection to the character.

And could you imagine having to shoot your own mother? The way that Carl came out of there, it seemed as if all the emotion had been ripped out of him. And he’d known she was going to turn. And Rick wouldn’t have done it. There’s absolutely no way.

We already knew form how season 2 ended that Rick was going down an ever darker path. But now, it seems as if Carl is beginning to follow him down that path. The emotionless expression on his face was executed perfectly. Emotionless. Drained. Almost as if he were completely empty.

And the thing is, it all started out so well. They were just clearing out the Walkers, and were in the process of making the prison fully livable. Until, that is, the sirens started going off. And if you thought Tomas was gone, nope. He’s back with a vengeance. That is, until he’s shot by one of the other prisoners in a very tense, very suspenseful moment. And it may have come off as being a little cheesy, but it was executed really well, complete with Daryl coming in with the knife.

And then there was Rick’s reaction at the end. And it was all very believable. He just fell apart. While Carl is cool, calm, and broken, Rick is going off. And then he just falls. Literally. And just lays there moaning. I guess that’s what happens when your wife dies.

Meanwhile, in Woodbury, things are going quite well. Andrea fits in well with the society there, and the Governor is happy that she’s around. Seeing where they go with that will certainly be interesting, especially since he reveals his true name to her. And then she gives Merle the location of the farm, and I have a sneaking suspicion that in the next episode or the one afterwards, Merle will find Daryl. And that won’t end well for either side. Not at all.

And Michonne? Just as awesome as she is in the comics. Her character is played extremely well, and is exactly how I would have had her played. Her investigating the trucks shows just how far she”ll go. And finding those bullet holes and fresh blood? The Governor wasn’t as thorough as he thought, or maybe he wasn’t expecting Michonne to go looking. and some of her sarcastic comments did make me chuckle a little. The fact that she’s even listening to Andrea about staying is surprising though, as Andrea has completely fallen under the spell of the Governor. And that’s exactly the type of character that he is.

So, man oh man. “The Killer Within” is not only the best episode of season 3 so far, it’s one of my favorite episodes of the Walking Dead of all time. To sum it up briefly would be complicated, but I guess I would have to say this: “The Killer Within” combines the suspense and gruesome zombie action that the series constantly gets down perfectly with some great development of the characters”. And that’s basically the episode.




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