Today is the 6th of November. And, as many people know, two significant events occur today. First: Halo 4 comes out today! Seriously, that’s pretty major. And, second, which is only slightly more important, would be that today is the date that the United States presidential elections occur. I know that this may seem old, but I do believe that this election is easily one of the most important elections of our time.

First of all, the American people are divided almost straight down the middle at this time. The polls are tight, and, in the vast majority of polls, there is only a difference of two or three points. The fact that this occurs is extremely significant. I can’t think of many other elections that have come this close. And this will lead to about half of the American public being mildly to extremely disappointed with the results of the election.

The problem with this is that it will split the American populous right down the middle at a time in which unity has never been more important. In the coming months and years, we cannot afford to have a divided population. As other countries gain power on the world stage, the United States will begin to lose much of it’s hegemonic influence, and it’s status as the world superpower will fall apart. In order for this to be maintained, the people of the United States have to be united.

But the coming election will destroy any chance at bipartisanship. Whoever wins will gain a great deal of political capital, but nothing will change. If Barack Obama takes the presidency once again, it will most likely continue to be the strategy of the Republicans to ensure that he doesn’t accomplish anything. And if Mitt Romney were to come to power, many of his policies would be blocked by the democrats in the senate and House of Representatives. And that’s an issue. In order to restore the US’s former economical and global standing, we have to be united. And this is something that, if elected, Mitt Romney will disregard entirely.

This election is also important because it will effect how the world views the United States for decades to come. We have a choice. Do we want to end the financial crisis which has us in it’s grasp right now in an effective manner? Do we want to give everyone benefits? Do we want to make the world a more peaceful place?

Ever since the end of World War II, the US has been a much respected country. It was a place of economic opportunity, equality (for the most part), and social justice. Since then though, America has been on a steady decline. The rise of a small group of extremely rich individuals has spelled out doom for America. Now, today, there is choice to make. Do we want to allow that small group of men run our country? Do we want them to profit from everything we do? Or do we want fair health care, and equal economic opportunity for our country.

Right now, I can guarantee that any conservative reading this blog post will be jumping up and down screaming “SOCIALIST! SOCIALIST!”. Well I do believe that socialism is an awesome system, I do think that capitalism is also a viable economic system. You see, in a capitalist nation, we are supposed to give everyone equal opportunity. You want to know how Mitt Romney made his fortune? By shipping companies overseas. Him and his rich buddies really could care less about the well being of the American people.

And then how are we any better than nations like Syria and Libya? We’re not, really. The international community would see as a state that was similar, and a decidedly worse place to live. You see, if the country ends up being run by a rich man who’s interests lie solely in
1) his fortune
2) his religion
we are on a path of decline. And other nations will recognize that.

And there are a range of other issues that make this election so important. Right to worship, for one. A Mormon president? Look, I respect all religions, but a Mormon president cannot be good for a country that was built on the concept of a melting pot, and since has become a symbol of tolerance and equality to the world as a whole. This isn’t only limited to religion, but also applies to anyone who is different. Homosexuals. Immigrants. Atheists. Essentially, everyone who isn’t a Christian American. And that is not right. Not right at all.

So make your decision. To me, at least, it would all boil down to an extremely simple question. Do you want to move forwards and create positive change? Or do you want to go back to outdated policies that proved to fail? It’s your decision, but I urge you: Vote for positive change. Just do it.


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Fan fiction writer, Youtube video maker. Hardcore Star Wars fan. Progressive Liberal.
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