Angry Birds Star Wars Review

I’m not a big fan of the whole Angry Birds thing. Which is why the only one I actually ever paid for was the original, and I found that it got boring as a result of it’s repetitiveness. And that’s why I only have the free versions of Seasons, Rio, and Space.

However, with Angry Birds Star Wars, developers Rovio do away with all the boring, dull repetitiveness. The pigs are different, the environments and sounds more interesting, and the birds are just pretty awesome, especially since each one of them has a special power that they can employ in your battle against the Empire.

So far, I have encountered seven different types of birds. These are Luke Skywalker, Ben Kenobi, Han Solo, Chewbacca, R2-D2, C-3P0, and the rebel pilot. While Luke at first seems to be just a standard bird, he soon gets a lightsaber, and when you tap the screen, he swings it. Meanwhile, Ben Kenobi can use force push to blast both pigs and obstacles out of the way. Han can fire three blaster shots wherever you tap the screen. The rebel pilot splits into three once you tap the screen. R2 can zap multiple pigs. 3P0 explodes. And Chewbacca can smash through just about anything.

I also love the redesigns the birds have gotten. Each of the birds, while clearly based on the birds that many have become familiar with, have their own little Star Wars flair. The birds actually look like the characters that they are meant to represent, albeit a little rounder and with different colors of course. And it’s that touch that makes the entire game better. I just feel that it makes the game a bit more enjoyable.

And the same goes for the pigs. You will encounter Tusken Raider pigs, Stormtrooper pigs, Death Star trooper pigs, Darth Vader pigs, and even TIE Fighter pigs. While only Darth Vader pigs actually do anything different (He moves platforms with the force), it’s the designs that are cool. Also, some stormtroopers and tusken raiders wield blasters and fire three shot bursts. This adds to the fun and variety, as you have to time your launches. Or you can deflect them with a lightsaber or use force push to blast them out of the way. It adds a little variety to the game, which is nice.

Rather than attempt to cram all six movies in one game, the game, which, at $0.99, gives you only a version of A New Hope. You get Tatooine missions and Death Star missions, with some space missions added in in addition to the land missions. BUT!! Rovio is already teasing Hoth missions, and, from what I’ve heard, Rovio adds a lot in free updates, so I’m hoping we get the entire original trilogy is added.

Also, the mix of land and space stages is really cool. The land missions are pretty much your basic Angry Birds levels, with a Star Wars twist, and the space missions are similar to the Angry Birds Space missions, put, again, with a Star Wars twist. Both the space and land levels are very fun, though the Space ones are definitely more interesting, at least most of the time, so I always look forward to those.

In addition to the Tatooine and Death Star missions, there are these fun little bonus missions, which are the only areas where you can play with the R2-D2 and C-3P0 birds. While I wish you could play with them in the main game, the unlockable bonus missions are still a joy to play, and are the most challenging part of the game, from what I’ve played.

There are also these “Path of the Jedi” missions, which take place on Dagobah. Sadly, only the first one is free, and I’m gong to hold out on paying or the remaining missions, despite how much fun they look, from what others have said and from videos of seen.

And I really like the backgrounds. Each background is distinct. Tatooine is obviously Tatooine, and you can see significant structures in the background. In space, you can see the Death Star in the background. And inside the Death Star, it looks like the Death Star. It’s really, really cool, especially for a Star Wars fan like me. Other may or may not appreciate it, but it’s still a really nice touch, sort of like the redesigns on the birds and pigs.

Angry Birds Star Wars is easily the best Angry Birds game yet, and one of the best Star Wars games on iOS, even counting those that have been taken off the store. This is currently one of my favorite games on my phone (Second only to Arkham City Lockdown). Variety has been added to the game, and the individual powers of the birds are really fun to play around with. Furthermore, the background and general designs of the pigs and birds are a very, very nice touch. And, despite the paid parts, the game is fairly lengthy and very fun.




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