Possible Titles of future Star Wars movies (Not at all Serious)

So I was skyping with a friend of mine earlier, and, out of the blue, we just started mixing elements of the Star Wars universe with the names of Disney movies and TV shows. This is really just for fun, and in no way to actually believe these will be movies (If they are I’ll probably be eating a few bullets), but I thought they were worth sharing for comedic value if nothing else.

1. Hannah Mon Mothma

In which Mon Mothma leads a double life: Rebellion leader by day, and teen pop sensation by night. Interesting, right?

2. Jedi Temple Musical

In which younglings and padawans realize their hidden love for acting and music and forge relationships, forcing Luke Skywalker to allow relationships due to the sheer number of them that begin to pop up.

3. Mickey Mouse Jedi House

In which Mickey Mouse and a group of younglings attempt to solve a mystery, with the help of their mouskesabers. Sounds fun for the kids.

4. Princess and the Rancor

In which Leia accidentally falls into a rancor pit and falls in love with the giant beast which just turns out to be a massive robot driven by Han. Actually, that sound much more interesting than the Courtship of Princess Leia….

5. Snow White and the Seven Gundarks

In which Snow White runs into a forest and meets a pack of gundarks who eat for lunch. Saves the evil queen a lot of trouble.

6. Princess and the Gungan

In which a princess finds true love in Jar Jar Binks, who is really a handsome prince that doesn’t have mental issues and is actually a pretty nice guy.

7. Camp Jedi

In which a group of Padawans go to camp, lie about their lineage, and some messy break us and get togethers ensue, with a climactic, yet extremely annoying, sing along at the end.

8. Efron the Hutt

In which it turns out Zac Efron is really just a bloated green slug that runs an intergalactic gang… Much cooler than the original Zac Efron.

9. Rancors, Inc.

In which Yoda employs a group of Rancors to play a prank on an unsuspecting group of younglings.

10. Finding Ackbar

In which we get to know how Ackbar was captured and became Tarkin’s slave before escaping and joining the rebellion.

11. Jaina With A Chance

In which Jaina Solo gets the chance to act on a bad comedy show that has no future before the actor who plays her abuses drugs and goes to rehab.

12. Steamboat Obi

In which Obi-Wan Kenobi drives a steamboat and pollutes the rivers of the world, all while whistling annoying songs.

13. Naboo’s Mightiest Heroes

In which the Avengers travel to Naboo and do battle with the Gungans for ruining the Phantom Menace.

14. Jedi of Waverly Place

In which a family realizes they are actually Jedi before being hunted down and exterminated by Sith Lords.

15. Suite Life of Jaina and Jacen

In which Jaina and Jacen are raised in a hotel room for reasons that the audience will never get to know. Ever.

16. The Montana Menace

In which Hannah Montana comes back to menace the entire world.

And… that’ll be all. I only know of some of these shows and movies because of my sister, but I do find it pretty funny. So if you think up any clever names for future Star Wars movies or TV shows, or want to comment on this list, let me know in the comments section below!!


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One Response to Possible Titles of future Star Wars movies (Not at all Serious)

  1. Sergio Snabian says:

    If these are actually going to be the next star wars movies, I’m gonna throw my self off of Burj Khalifa.

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