Halo 4 Multiplayer

Oh yeah. And you know, I thought that the campaign was awesome. And don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty amazing. But as awesome as it is, the multiplayer really took my breath away. Honestly. I’ve only played four matches on two maps, but 343 has really done an outstanding job with this. Seriously, if you thought that Reach’s multiplayer was awesome, Halo 4’s easily destroys it. I never thought I’d say that, but there is absolutely no comparison.

First of all: The maps, oh the maps! I’ve only played two, as I mentioned above, but they’re stellar. Both were showcased before the games release, Complex and Haven. I get the feeling that these are already fan favorites. And I can see why. While they are almost polar opposites, they are both truly awesome in their own respects.

As many of my readers probably already know, this is Complex:


Complex is a great map with both indoor and outdoor areas.

Many will remember this as the map where Flood mode was first showcased (Which I cannot wait to play!). It’s mostly outdoors, but it does have some indoor areas, which are pretty awesome. The design is great, with very few camping spots. The fact that the map is pretty open is pretty awesome as well, though, sadly, I have found most of the fighting will take place in the area shown in the image above.

Also, I like the vehicles on this map. One of the biggest nuisances about some of the maps in Reach (at least the four vs four team slayer ones) was that they were too small, and, as a result, had no vehicles. But this open map is perfect for the small vehicles that are on it, the mongoose and the ghost. In addition, the weapons placement is masterful in this map, despite weapons being placed sparingly.

My one complaint is that camping is inevitable by the grav lift, especially with shotgun, energy sword, gravity hammer, and scattershot. It’s not a big complaint, as it’s all but cancelled out by Promethean vision and weapon drops, but more on that later!

The second map I played on was Haven, which looks something like this:


Haven is a surprisingly fun map, with a great mix of open and enclosed spaces.

This map was one the one that I was least excited for, as it was the map that they showcased the most, and one of the first two maps we got to see. But I was wrong. You see, this map is extremely fun to play on. On the surface, it looks like a pretty straightforward map, but what makes it so awesome is that it has two levels, a bottom and a top. And they’re both awesome. Most of the weapons are on the bottom floor, and the bottom floor is composed of mostly tight corridors, perfect for close range battles with assault and melee weapons.

But never fear ranged weapons users! The top part is a relatively open playing field, perfect for DMR’s, light rifles, battle rifles and carbines! And that is why I love this map. The variety is awesome. Using an assault rifle? Drop down to the lower levels and utilize it. Using a battle rifle? Pop up to the top and lay waste to the enemy team.

I really have no problems with this map, save the fact that it’s made up of mostly bridges, and the relatively straight gameplay can seem a little repetitive. Still, the map is extremely awesome overall.


The gameplay is fluid, and just pretty awesome overall.

Now that I’m done boring you all with the descriptions of maps you already know about, let’s get into what really makes the multiplayer fun.

An what is that? The weapons. Man oh man, the weapons. I know that I discussed this quite a bit in my campaign overview, but the weapons offer a lot of variety to multiplayer. Most maps have a variety of weapons that are spaced out well, and can be used to the advantage of any of the players. But in addition to this, you’ll get to pick your starting weapons. Right now, I’ve got a battle rifle and a magnum, but that can be changed. You will unlock weapons as you progress, but, luckily, you’ll never be able to start with power weapons like the Rocket Launcher or Scattershot.


Weapons are awesome and varied.

But you will be able to pick those up in weapon drops, which are a new addition to the game that makes the idea of map control completely irrelevant. While at first map control can be achieved by securing all of the map’s power weapons, rack up enough kills and you’ll be able to get a Saw of your own. Seriously  it’s a welcome addition to the already awesome multiplayer experience.

And there are weapons that suit any play style. Fan of ranged weapons? There’s three flavors of sniper rifles for that. Like to get in close? There’s a whole host of melee weapons as well as two (or three, if you count the bolt pistol’s overcharge) shotgun variants, plus some close quarters rapid fire weapons. Everyone’ style is catered to.

And then there’s the armor abilities. I personally believe that the new armor abilities are better than Reach’s. I found quite a few issues with Reach’s armor abilities, especially since they weren’t really all that balance. These are, however, much like the weapons. From Promethean Vision, a Detective Mode like ability that allows you to see through walls, to the hard light shield, which deflects incoming attacks, there are a wide range of armor abilities.

Sadly, I’ve only played Infinity Slayer at this point. Yes, it’s a lot of fun, and I decided to start with the most basic online mode. But there are a great deal of other game modes, from old favorites like Capture the Flag, to modified versions of old game modes, like Flood, to entirely new game modes such as Dominion. I can’t wait to try some of them out. Cannot wait,


I cannot wait to try this out.

So, in conclusion, Halo 4 has what is easily the best multiplayer on the market right now. The differing maps, vehicles, weapons, and armor abilities make for an online multiplayer experience that is extremely varied and a great deal of fun. In addition, the gameplay truly feels fresh, and not like a carbon copy of Halo Reach’s online multiplayer. In fact, it’s better. A lot better.

Also, and I promise I won’t do this often, check out the blog run by a friend of mine! He’s relatively new, so check his blog out at http://acr188.wordpress.com/


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  1. acr188 says:

    awesome post and carrying the flag and wielding the pistol is awesome it makes you feel like your not just some useless guy with a flag. Told you the Multiplayer was awesome!

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