The Walking Dead “Say The Word” Review

I honestly didn’t think that “Say The Word” would be able to follow up “The Killer Within” in terms of shock value. I mean, there were three (Ok, probably two) major character deaths in “The Killer Within”. But “Say the Word” provides a worthy follow up. While it’s not quite as good as the last episode, it’s still a great episode, and we finally get to see the Governor for the brutal monster that he really is. Partially, at least. So I think that since we saw him in his natural state, and we saw Rick go off the deep end, it’s fitting to being this review with a poll:

Answer that, and let’s get on with this review!

We start off this episode pretty much right where the last one left off, with the group standing outside in shock after Rick’s break down. Everyone deals with it differently. Rick, who had just begun picking up the pieces of his shattered relationship with Lori, grabs a hatchet, and rushes back inside the prison, cutting down any walker that gets in his way. At this point, he’s actually scarier than a lot of the walkers on the show, with his single minded determination at destroying all the walkers within the prison. And he does a pretty good job of it too. The kills, are, as always, fun to watch and remain one of the high points of the show.

On the other hand, Daryl deals with the losses differently (Remember, they believe Carol to be dead, and they were getting to be in a relationship). He springs into action, in a manner that is so distinctly Daryl. While he tries to come off as the tough guy, he has a soft spot, as his primary goal is to save the baby, which is the second major plot line of this episode. So he gets on his motorcycle, and he and Maggie go to look for food for the baby.

Oh, and was that a Foo Fighters sticker that I saw on the side of Daryl’s motorcycle as they pulled out? If so, he has officially been elevated to favorite character status.

Meanwhile, the mood back in Woodbury is very different. There’s a party going on there, to celebrate all that the they have achieved. Also, we finally get to see the Governor’s daughter. Those who read the comics know that he keeps his daughter around, despite the fact that she’s long since turned. I have no idea how he does it, but he’s kind of like Hershel was for the first half of season 2. I guess he believes that they can think up a cure. And the worst part for him? Michonne, who’s been suspicious the whole time, sees him with her.

And, in a style that is very, very Michonne, she looks around. She takes her sword, just as the Governor, Merle, and the scientist come in, and discuss the party. The scientist hints that he’s working on something big, and I can’t wait to see exactly what that turns out to be. After they leave, Michonne goes looking for anything out of the ordinary, and finds an arena. I was wondering when the fights were going to come into play, and the finally did in this episode. But first, we get some awesome action as Michonne cuts down six walkers with her swords, before being captured and detained by the Governor’s men.

And, finally, in this episode, she leaves Woodbury. After threatening the Governor, she returns to her room and begins packing. The Governor, in his typical style, convinces Andrea to talk to Michonne, but Michonne convinces her to leave as well. And, as they’re walking out, it turns out that they do not have as much freedom as they wish, as Merle attempts to turn them around. Michonne leaves anyways though, but Andrea is convinced to stay.

Back at the prison, Glenn begins to dig graves for the fallen. Axle and Oscar ask him if he needs help ,and they end up digging the graves for him. He goes and talks to Hershel, and reveals more about his sadness at T-Dog’s loss, and about how good of a person T-Dog really was. Sadly, we didn’t get to see many of his endeavors, as they were almost all off screen, but at least we get to hear about them. I just wish that the show had done a little bit more with the character and built him up before killing him off. There was a lot of opportunity for that last season, and could have spiced up some of the slow moving episodes leading up to the mid season finale.

Afterwards, Glenn goes inside, and finds Rick, who has really, really gone off the deep end. The way Andrew Lincoln is playing the character right now is really awesome, as he comes across as someone who has really lost it, which Rick has at this point. The fact that he says absolutely nothing this episode reaffirms that. And slamming Glenn against the wall had me worried for a second, but Rick is to good a person at his core to actually kill one of his friends, especially Glenn, who’s been with him since the beginning.

The third story line here is Glenna and Maggie’s, who go to get baby food for Rick’s kid. They enter a nursery, and the way in which suspense is built at this part is awesome, despite the fact that there is no threat within the nursery. Upon their return, we see Daryl’s soft spot, as he feeds the baby and asks what her name is.

But the two big events that pack the biggest punches are in the episodes final act.

First, the fights. We finally get to see how twisted the Governor is, as we see his form of “entertainment”, in which two combatants fight with a ring of walkers around them. It’s intense, and the fight is really awesome, especially really seeing Merle in action, who is a pretty dangerous fighter. This obviously distresses Andrea, and she obviously now understands why Michonne left.

And the second event: the telephone. Those who have read the comics know the significance of this, but I’m not going to spoil it for those who haven’t. I will say this though: it’s a sign that Rick has almost completely lost it.

Overall, “Say the Word” was a pretty strong episode. Great action and character development drive the episode forwards, despite the Daryl/Maggie story line feeling a bit anticlimactic. It was essential, but it sort of felt like filler. The other story lines were great though, especially since we finally get to see how twisted the governor is.




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