Arrow “Legacies” Review

And to think, I was so pumped for this episode. While the first to episodes were a little shaky, they were still good, and I’ve absolutely loved the last three episodes, despite their occasional low points. But this? What the heck was that? Seriously. That was the most dull, boring episode of Arrow to this date. Despite it being an essential piece in Oliver Queen’s story, it was BORING.

With the introduction of the Royal Flush Gang at the beginning, “Legacies” had the makings of a great episode. It really did. And the intro scene was awesome, as it introduced the Royal Flush gang, and it had some pretty cool action. Though I did find the entire scene a little reminiscent of the introduction to the Dark Knight, in which the Joker and his crew rob a bank. And then when they release the people from the bank, it was a little too much like a scene right out of the Dark Knight Rises combined with a little V For Vendetta. It was a great scene, but the whole time I felt like I’d seen the whole thing before, which is the episode’s first shortcoming. I do like the show’s more realistic interpretation of the Royal Flush Gang, however.

And if you thought that the episode would be about Oliver and Diggle going after the Royal Flush Gang, you would be sorely mistaken. I was pumped for this episode. But it started to go downhill when Oliver refused to go after the gang. I realize that this is a key point in his development as a character, as, by the end, he realizes that there’s more to fixing Starling City than by taking out greedy billionaires. But still, it could have been a little more interesting.

Especially since the Royal Flush Gang story was little more than a side plot. This episode was pretty much about Tommy and Laurel. And that could have been handled better. I mean, one episode she’s interested in Oliver, the next she’s with Tommy. Please tell me that that isn’t a little inconsistent. And a lot of that relationship building is slow and dull, to be quite frank.

He starts by asking Thea for advice, after getting rejected, and she gives him advice, so he decides to throw a fundraiser for Laurel’s law firm. And then he tells her how he feels. If I remember correctly, this is a show about GREEN ARROW. It’s a show about heroes. It’s not a show for thirteen year old girls, and for almost the whole episode I felt like I was watching Disney channel. And I’m not joking. That’s how I felt, and adding a third plot line was not a good idea. Not at all.

Especially since that third plot line, while one that would eventually need to be tackled, was also dull and extremely boring. It’s essentially Moira feeling sorry for herself, since Oliver is constantly leaving abruptly, and his mother is understandably worried. But again, it could have been more interesting than him leaving a brunch with a friend of Moira’s who is the mother of someone he went to high school with.

And then leaving a fund raiser while talking to her. Even the conclusion to this plot line was dull, where she admits that she misses Walter. Well, yeah, I get that. But come on. It was a dull plot line, when all’s said and done.

Going back to the Tommy/Laurel/Thea plot line, it seems like the show wants you to think that Thea is stupid. I mean, obviously it was Laurel he was asking about. That could not have been more evident. And her reaction is to get drunk? Seriously, why does it even matter to her? I mean, sure, it’s her brother’s best friend with his former girl friend, but her reaction made absolutely no sense. And I’m not even going to go in to the remaining parts of this plot, because it’s boring.

The ending is pretty good, as we finally see Arrow in action against the Royal Flush Gang. After confronting the father, who started the gang with his sons and wife after being fired from Queen Consolidated, he hopes that it will all end. But the older son doesn’t want that, and they do one last job. But they’re stopped by Arrow and the father is killed. The action here is good, and Oliver’s realization that he has to deal with all crime shows his development as a character.

And then there’s the flashbacks. Ok, how do you go from Deathstroke and Oliver’s mentor having the best fight on the show to Oliver dreaming about his dad? It was extremely disappointing, and yet another dull plot line.

When all’s said and done, this is the worst episode of Arrow to date. Similar to “Satisfaction” (The premiere of Young Justice after it’s summer break), it attempted to balance too many plot lines and the result was an episode that felt disconnected. It was also extremely slow moving, and very, very, boring. The fact that it felt like Disney Channel didn’t really help all that much. “Legacies” only redemption comes from the Royal Flush Gang plot line, and there really isn’t all that much of that, and it ended up feelign extremely shallow. Someone – who’s name may be Christopher Nolan – needs to come and smack some sense into this show. Hopefully next week’s episode is a step above this one…




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