The Clone Wars “A Necessary Bond” Review

Well, that episode explained a lot. I just wish that we’d been shown these episodes in order, since the premiere would have made a lot more sense, had I seen this episode first. Why? Because the attack on Hondo by Greivous is referenced, and it also shows the destruction of Hondo’s base, which I didn’t remember having happened. A Necessary Bond was a lot stronger than previous episodes in the arc, and this arc has just gotten better and better.

The first couple of minutes were generally thrilling. They consisted of an awesome pirate tank chase, with the pirates in one and the Jedi in the other. Wicked camera angles added a lot of thrill to this scene, and with the addition of the Jedi ship attempting a rescue, it created a very tense atmosphere. 

It ended with the Jedi being captured after the destruction of their ship, and the pirates then took them back to Hondo’s base. Where they discovered a full scale droid invasion of the base. It had just begun, but all they could do was watch as the pirates were cut down. Inside, Greivous captured Hondo, and forced him to talk to Dooku.

Meanwhile, Ahoska struck a deal with the pirates, and they hatched a plan to rescue Hondo. After some breif discussion (and the construction of Katooni’s lightsaber – which opened up an interesting friendship), Hondo, as well as some other pirates are set free by the Jedi. 

The next part is really, really awesome. We get to see the younglings in action, which is really awesome. Who knew younglings were so awesome? They were pretty badass, cutting down dozens of droids. And Hondo with a sword was pretty awesome too.

As the group of pirates and Jedi leapt on speeders, Greivous ordered a few droids to come with him in pursuit. Unfortunately, the pirates, along with Katooni, reached Hondo’s secret fleet, while the other younglings went completely the wrong way. Katooni, however, managed to convince Hondo to go back. 

Meanwhile, Ahoska battles Greivous on the pirate tank. Which is a really awesome sequence. In the end, Huyang and R2 crash the speeder, causing Greivous to be thrown off. But it also causes the others to be thrown off as well. 

And they do, in what I’m 99% sure is the Slave I. Hopefully, this will open up a future episode starring Boba Fett, one of my personal favorite characters. Before they arrived, though, the younglings and Ahsoka faced Greivous. While, the younglings didn’t. And I guess that makes sense, since despite going into darker topics at times, the show isn’t just going to kill six younglings, which, against Greivous would have been inevitable. 

Ahsoka, however, fights Greivous. And that is an awesome lightsaber duel. I would have to say, though, there were points where I thought Ahsoka would be killed. Greivous certainly had the chance to end her on more than one occasion in the duel. Why he didn’t, I’m not entirely sure though.

Ahsoka ends up retreating, and the pirates and Jedi rendezvous with Obi-Wan’s fleet. This is a brief conclusion to the arc, and fells a little rushed. Though the ending, with all the Jedi touching their lightsabers to each others, is a fitting ending. 

“A Necessary Bond” is a great conclusion to an arc that had it’s ups and downs. Some great action and wicked camera angles and movement makes this the best episode of the arc. The characters remain awesome, and the return of Huyang is awesome. I truly cannot wait for the next arc though.




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