Wow. Considering that it took me about three months to reach 1,000 vies, reaching 2,000 in less than a third of that time is surprise. A welcome surprise, to be sure, but a surprise nonetheless. I really cannot believe that, since I started this blog back in mid-August, I have achieved 2,000 views. When I started, I thought that my family would read it, and maybe a few of my friends. I never could have anticipated that my blog would ever reach the amount of views that it has. And the best is, for sure, still to come. Over the next couple of months, hopefully even years, it is my goal to improve my writing style, and write on a wider breadth of topics. Yes, I currently write on a lot of topics, but I would like to expand a little bit. Maybe do more than the reviews. I love reviewing, and they will continue to be on this blog. But over the next two or three months, you, my readers, will be seeing more opinion based blog posts.

And thank you. Everyone who has ever read my blog, thank you. Because you are what keeps me writing. Even after negative events, my blog is something that I turn to. And having that is great, and I have that because of you. Although, in the future, more comments would be greatly appreciated!


About jeanluc1997

Fan fiction writer, Youtube video maker. Hardcore Star Wars fan. Progressive Liberal.
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2 Responses to 2,000 Views

  1. Tamim says:

    I’m just leaving a comment 😛
    Congrats on 2000 views man.

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