The Walking Dead “When the Dead Come Knocking” Review

After last weeks relatively slow offering of The Walking Dead, “Hounded”, “When the Dead Come Knocking” shifts the show back into gear with an intense, fast paced, and action packed episode. And it sets up perfectly for the mid season finale next week, which I just cannot wait for.

Last episode, as I had guessed, was set up for this episode. It moved characters around, and that was taken advantage of. This episode kicks off with Merle attempting to get the location of the group out of Glenn. This scene is a testament to how much Glenn has changed since we first met him in the first season. Merle remembers him as weak, but Glenn is now much the opposite of that, taking everything Merle dishes out.

It’s Maggie, who’s being held next door, that ends up cracking. After hearing Glenn getting the crap beaten out of him, you can see in her facial expression that she’ll crack. And she does. But it takes quite a bit of convincing. Merle unleashes a walker on Glenn, who, even duct taped (Good to see that that survived the zombie apocalypse) to a chair, manages to kill the walker in a pretty awesome scene. He’s no Clack Widow, so there’s no agile breaking of the chair, but he does break the chair, and kills the walker with the sharpened arm of the chair, which he broke off.

As I expected, the Governor does to Maggie what he does to Michonne in the comics. Considering it’s a TV show, it’s nowhere near the same extent, and extremely compressed, but it does lead to Maggie telling the Governor and Merle about the prison. 

Granted, that doesn’t happen until the end of the episode. I do really like how this segment was handled though. It was suspenseful, and we see the monster within the Governor really come out this episode. However, I have to say that Maggie wouldn’t have cracked so easily. She’s a much stronger character than that, and, despite the situation, I doubted she would crack. And with Glenn now dead in the comics (spoiler alert!), killing him wasn’t off the table, though I’m glad they didn’t, because he dies long after the prison.

Meanwhile, an interesting story line unfolds with Milton and Andrea. Testing the walkers to see if they remember anything after turning was certainly an interesting subplot, but I feel that the ending was a bit rushed. It was inevitable that Andrea would have to kill the old man, but it would have been interesting to see some real conclusive conclusion to that story line. But they couldn’t just have one part of the episode be completely devoid of action, now could they?

And, back at the prison, Michonne finally joins the group. She faints outside the prison, and as two walkers are about to finish her, Carl shoots them both. Rick drags her inside, and treats her wound, though Michonne finds that she has the same amount of freedom with the group that she had in Woodbury. The similarities between The Governor and Rick are striking, though, in the end, Rick is a good person.

This is shown by both how he reacts to Carol being back, which is a happy moment for the entire group. 

Michonne tells them about what happens in the parking lot, and, soon enough, Oscar, Daryl, Michonne, and Rick are off to Woodbury. And they’re packing quite the arsenal. Evidently, they managed to raid the prison’s armory.

It’s not long before they encounter some walkers though. And it’s a whole horde of them. The group manages to escape, and ends up in a barn, where they find a single survivor, who pulls a gun on the group, threatening to call the cops. Obviously, he was crazy. Rick subdues him, but he escapes. Michonne manages to kill him before he has the chance to let the walkers in. 

They throw the man’s body to the walkers, and then escape through the back, continuing their journey to Woodbury. They reach Woodbury, but we don;t see the conclusion to this story line. And that is what the mid season finale is going to be, for sure.

The ending to this episode was awesome. The music was great, and really suspenseful. And, set to that music, was the Governor dispatching his men to the prison, and Rick and his three companions sneaking up on Woodbury. The mid season finale has been set up to be an amazing episode.

“When the Dead Come Knocking” was a great episode. While it had some slow portions, it kicked up the pace as well. Mixing great action with the character development that this show does so well creates a kick ass episode of the Walking Dead.





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