Arrow “Muse of Fire” Review

I’m beginning to feel that this show is falling apart. As if the last episode wasn’t bad enough, Muse of Fire is another slow, mediocre, and, at times, downright boring episode of Arrow. Huntress did join the cast, but they never use that name. Which is more than slightly annoying. Also, there were no flashbacks this episode, which was something of a letdown. I was really hoping for some more Deathstroke action.

Actually, I was hoping for more action in general. The episode was essentially Ollie flirting with Helena while Tommy took Laurel out. And it was boring. Seriously, people hanging out in a restaurant talking isn’t all that interesting. However, there is chemistry, especially between Ollie and Helena, and that comes as a result of the excellent actors that were cast for this show. At least the acting has remained solid. But even good acting can’t salvage bad writing and cheesy romance lines.

The episode was also plagued with annoying cliches. Tommy getting cut off? How many times have we seen that? i mean, I just saw in the Dark Knight Rises when I re-watched that the other day. It’s something that’s so common that it really ends up getting boring. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out, since we know that Tommy’s father is probably going to end up being Merlyn, and not Tommy himself, like in the comics.

And there’s no way that Ollie would be going “undercover” to take out Frank Bertenelli. Seriosuly, he would have just gone in and ended him. Except for the fact that Helena will probably end up doing that next episode for sure. I also didn’t like how the book wasn’t even referenced. I’m sure Frank Bertenelli was in there, and even though it was getting a bit repetitive, using that would have offered another layer to the story.

China White came back to, ridiculously obvious white wig and all. Unfortunately, she was never in action, as she only showed up for a meeting between the triad and Bertenelli. It was a nice connection to the last episode she appeared in, but other than that it was entirely useless.

The episode finally starts to pick up the pace in the second half, when the Bertenlli’s start going after their clients. And, of course, it was merely a coincidence that both Arrow and Huntress were at the restaurant that the mob attacked. The action was alright, but this scene was really only there as a way for Ollie to discover that Huntress was really Helena.

So he confronts her at a graveyard, where she’s standing next to the grave of her fiancé, who was killed by her own family, because, apparently, he was trying to expose some crooked deals. But the fact that Bertenlli’s men were able to capture both of them was ridiculous. I mean, we’re talking about Green Arrow and Huntress here. I mean, any lone DC superhero could have taken them down. So that was unbelievable.

Then there was the whole scene in the warehouse, which was essentially the same thing we saw in the first episode. Except with more action. And Helena killing her dad’s right hand man, which will start a gang war, exactly as Detective Lance had predicted. Seeing how that plays out should be awesome.

Oh, and the whole reason Ollie went undercover was because his mom got shot at. And that’s another part of the episode that was boring. Sure, I guess we have to see how his family reacts to his disappearances, but it was still very, very boring.

The end, with Helena and Ollie, was alright. Helena almost directly quoted Batman Begins, which was cool. But there was a little less chemistry between the two here than in the restaurant. Still, seeing how their relationship plays out will probably be pretty interesting.

I thought last week’s episode was a set up episode, but it turns out it was just bad. This, while being a mediocre episode, is the set up episode for what could be pretty awesome. There’s plenty of great comics in the DCU about gang wars that the show could draw from. “Muse of Fire” was a passable episode, but the entire first half was slow and boring, and it seemed to me like a lot of the actors forgot how awesome their acting skills were in the second half. I’m seriously hoping for a better episode next week.




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  1. dbotbyl says:

    I suggest a synonym for “boring.” Here are some suggestions:deadening, dull, ho-hum, irksome, slow, tedious, tiresome, wearisome
    uninteresting. More can be found here:

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