The Top 5 Episodes of The Clone Wars

I’m a huge fan of the Clone Wars. I mean, I even saw the movie. Which was a mistake. But the quality of that movie has tainted people’s view of what is really an awesome show. Actually. it’s probably one of the best Cartoon Network’s had since the end of Justice League of Unlimited. So, in order to change people’s minds, I’ve selected five episodes of the excellent show that you all should watch, if you haven’t already.

5. Season 2, Episode 5: Landing at Point Rain

Landing at Point Rain is an action packed episode. From start to finish, there is action present. And how couldn’t there be? It follows the invasion of Geonosis by three Jedi generals: Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ki-Adi Mundi. The episode is packed with some great action, against both droids and Geonosians. What I really like is that the episode depicts the entire landing, with the Venator cruisers coming out above the planet and dispatching swarms of LAAT/i’s, Y-Wing fighters, and V-19 Torrents. The episode is the fifth episode of season 2, but is the first episode of the Geonosis arc. The arc as a whole is awesome, but Landing at Point Rain is by far the best. As the episode goes on, the risk increases for all the groups. Nothing seems to go well, as all three groups are separated, and must reach each other. At the rendezvous point, Obi-Wan and his troops attempt to hold out against a Separatist onslaught, while Ki-Adi and Anakin (And Ahsoka!) fight their way to him. The level of action in this episode is not scene again until season 4, and the sheer scale of the battle is unparalleled. 

Best Scene: Anakin, Ahoska, and their troops storming the wall of turrets.

4. Season 1, Episode 10: Lair of Grievous

It’s no doubt that many will disagree with the fact that I even put an episode form season 1 on this list. But Lair of Grievous, is, undeniably, an awesome episode. I may just think that because Kit Fisto is one of my favorite characters, and this is one of the only times he gets any action in the entire series. But it is a great episode. It follows Fisto and his former apprentice, Nahdar Vebb, as they investigate General Grievous’ lair, which they recently discovered. IT turns out that the whole thing was a test for Grievous by Dooku, which is cool. But what I really like about this episode is the feel of suspense. As the two Jedi and a squad of clone troopers move through the lair, they are being hunted. There are some great lightsaber duels, and we really get to see how powerful Greivous is, as Kit Fisto is the only survivor. And he barely escapes.

Best Scene: The confrontation between Kit, Nahdar, the clones and Grevious’ pet monster, Gor.

3. Season 4, Episode 12: Escape From Kadavo

The conclusion to the epic slavers arc, Escape From Kadavo is an action packed, emotionally charged episode. After Anakin discovers the location of Obi-Wan and Rex, he immediately goes after them. And with him, he brings Plo Koon and a Venator cruiser. Master Koon immediately attacks the slave camp, which is a giant station hovering in a planet’s atmosphere. Ahsoka goes after the prisoners, who are Togrutans, from her home planet, so it is especially important to her. Prior to these events though, is the key turning point in this arc. Anakin battles Dooku with a lightwhip, as Dooku tells him that his goal is the Jedi Order’s extermination. It’s a great battle, and the whole episode is awesome. I actually found the death of Scientel to be a little sad. Sure, she was a terrible person, but it was sad that she didn’t realize, until the end, that she too was a slave. 

Best Scene: I can’t say it any better than IGN, so I’m going to quote them directly:

“The bit of complicity between Obi-Wan and Rex, with Obi-Wan glancing at Rex enough to say, “Kill this son of a bitch,” was great – as was Rex’s, “I’m no Jedi” parting words to Arguss, who not only was speared through, but flew head first into a display screen.”

2. Season 5, Episode 1: Revival

Revival picked up almost right where season 4 left off, with Darth Maul and his brother, Savage Oppress, continuing their murderous assault on the outer rim. Obi-Wan goes after them, naturally, and they all end up on Florrum, which holds the base of the pirate Hondo Ohnaka. Maul and Savage manage to turn a number of Hondo’s pirates against him, and that initial battle is awesome. But it’s the epic lightsaber duels that really make this episode great. Adi Gallia is killed shortly into the episode (which was a surprise) by Savage Oppress, leaving Obi-Wan alone. Allying with the pirates, he battles both Maul and Savage at the same time. And holds out, cutting off Savage’s arm. The interaction between Maul and Savage is also really cool, as, initially, Maul exerts his dominance, but shows his soft spot when Obi-Wan cuts off Savages arm. The alliance between Obi-Wan and Hondo hinted at more to come, but, sadly there have been no episodes even close to the caliber of Revival in season 5. Things are looking up though, with another Maul/Savage arc in the near future.

Best Scene: The duel between Obi-Wan, Savage, and Maul

1. Season 4, Episode 21: Revenge

Revenge is the climactic finale to season 4. It centers around Darth Maul and Savage Oppress, as Obi-Wan goes after them. After massacring innocent civilians, Obi-Wan insists on being allowed to go after Maul, who was looking for him specifically, hoping to exact his revenge. However, the two get more than they bargained for when Asajj Ventress shows up, looking to take her revenge on Savage Oppress. The ensuing lightsaber duel, with Obi-Wan and Ventress battling Maul and Savage, is one of the best lightsaber duels I have ever seen, rivaling even some of the live action ones. Ventress and Obi-Wan are defeated, and barely manage to escape, emphasizing on the dark tone that the Clone Wars ha dadpoted by this point.

Best Scene: The climactic duel between Maul, Savage, Ventress, and Obi-Wan

And there they are, the best episode of the Clone Wars to date. Anyone looking to get into the Clone Wars will surely be made a believer by watching any one of those episodes, even those who hate the Clone Wars movie. I mean, we all hated it. Some of us Star Wars fans decided to give the show a chance though, and have been greatly rewarded for our endurance through a rocky first season and the movie. Shame on you if you haven’t yet watched it.


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  1. aziz says:

    It’s just Justice League Unlimited, no “of” in between “League” and “Unlimited”

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