Arrow “Vendetta” Review

Another week, another mediocre episode of the show that showed so much promise. I thought that this could be my Walking Dead, in the two months that Walking Dead is on hiatus. Yes, I have Clone Wars, but I need a live action show as well. And I thought, at first, that Arrow would be that show. But after five great episodes, the show has begun to fall apart. For the past three weeks, I’ve been waiting for a good episode of Arrow. Sadly, Vendetta wasn’t it.

While it was definitely more entertaining than last week’s episode, it still wasn’t very good. It’s sort of like watching robots beat each other up in the Transformers movies is entertaining. And honestly, I can’t even say that the action scenes are good. I’d love to say that the action scenes are well done, but they aren’t. Ever since Deathstroke’s battle with Ollie’s mentor three episodes ago, the fight scenes have been, to be quite frank, subpar. And it’s annoying, because this is a DC show. Smallville had great action. All of their live action movies have great action (If, in some cases, not much else).

And, like the Transformers movies, the writing and acting was really, really bad. They’e taken the character of Felicity Smoke way to far. I understand that she’s supposed to be an awkward tech nerd, but, frankly, it’s annoying. And when she’s in at least 5-10 minutes of the episode, I just can’t take it.

And then there’s Ollie and Helena, or Arrow and Huntress. Saying that there is any chemistry at all between those two is like saying that there was chemistry between Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman in Attack of the Clones. An, in both cases, one of the actors is good, and the other is mediocre. Stephen Amell does a great job (Like Natalie Portman tried to do but Hayden Christensen just didn’t do so well in Attack of the Clones), and that has been consistent. But Jessica DeGouw isn’t great. She’s an alright actor, but since when has “alright” been Ok? 

Other than the relationship between the two feeling a bit forced, the way it was written was a joke. Amell tries to make a bad script work, but no matter how good of an actor you are, you simply cannot salvage a bad script. And that’s what this episode had. A bad script. Cheesy lines, slow, uninteresting Disney Channel moments, and pretty much everything else that defines horrible writing.

China White also returns for this episode, so I guess I can put her in the “recurring villains” category. Which, to be honest, really sucks. She’s a horrible villain, and extremely hard to take seriously, what with the fake wig and all. 

Ollie’s quest to help Helena was extremely disappointing. And it shouldn’t have been. It could have been handled really well. Instead, the show writers decided to take the easy way out, and have it go exactly like every predictable movie ever. It seems, at first, like it isn’t going to happen. Then it seems to work out for a while. Then it stops working. And this episode does exactly that. It’s predictable and, quite frankly, tiresome.

Essentially, this episode takes everything I don’t like about Arrow and puts it all into one episode. We’re back to the another week, another one dimensional villain formula, as a good part of this episode follows that. And, in addition, we’ve got some terrible dialogue, and, as if that weren’t enough, some really bad acting.

So now you may be wondering if I liked anything about this episode. Well, yes. I liked the idea of a gang war. It would have been an extremely interesting story. But this show’s definition of “war” is a lot different from most people’s. Gang wars are very different for Batman, who, along with a group of other heroes, has to defend a whole city from a seemingly endless onslaught of violence. And, in this show, gang wars apparently consists of a small group of people breaking into someone’s house and then being stopped by Arrow. So, more than anything, it’s disappointing. 

And you thought I actually liked something about this episode. Well, actually, I did. I like Huntress’ new costume. While it wasn’t the same as in the comics, the redesigned costume was cool. By contrast, I hate what the show has done with Huntress. Huntress, while certainly more brutal than most heroes, isn’t a cold blooded killer who seeks only revenge. And she’s a stronger character. I just don’t like how they’ve portrayed her at all. 

I’m not even going to bother delving into how bad the Laurel/Tommy side plot was. Because “bad” is certainly an understatement. 

After a string of mediocre episodes, Vendetta does nothing to improve upon that trend. It takes the two aspects I hate the most about Arrow and combines them. The repetitiveness is certainly here. Sadly, so is the annoyingly bad relationship dialogue. Vendetta, while slightly entertaining at times, was hands down the worst episode of Arrow so far. Hopefully Huntress goes to Gotham and comes back with some acting skills. 




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