The Walking Dead “Made to Suffer” Review

Made To Suffer is probably the most intense episode of The Walking Dead so far. Packed from wall to wall with great action, and the extremely fast pace of the episode made the mid-season finale not only the best episode of season 3, but one of the best of the series as a whole.

First of all: Finally, Tyreese has joined the show. I mean, really, it was only a matter of time before he showed up. There was no way they could have kept him off of the show for much longer, especially with the role he plays at the prison. I mean, yes, Daryl was taking over his role in the comics to an extent, but it’s still cool that we finally see Tyreese. And the fact that he winds up in the prison is also great, especially since the cast is beginning to widen. This could either be really good for the show, if they balance the cast properly, or extremely detrimental. Still, the addition of Tyreese is definitely nice, and I can’t wait to see where they take that in the next half of the season.

In addition to that, we got a direct continuation from the previous episode. The way in which the group enters is awesome, and there’s some really good fight scenes here. I think this is the first time where we’ve actually seen a gun battle on the show. But what I really love is the events leading up to that battle. The stealth element is great, and adds an excellent layer of suspense to the show. And that’s certainly nice since, excluding the first two or three episodes, season 3 has been based mostly around action, as opposed to the suspense. But the show proves it can still do it extremely well in this episode, which is great.

One of the best scenes is when the group is listening to what’s going on in the room where Glenn and Maggie are being held. Right as the group comes out, Rick throws a smoke grenade, and they grab Glenn and Maggie and get out. Prior to that, Glenn and MAggie had attempted escape in a gruesome – but awesome – manner. Utilizing the walker’s bones to take out the guards outside was masterful, but, sadly, it didn’t work out.

As the group escapes in the chaos, Michonne slips away, and makes her way to the Governor’s apartment, where she discovers his secret. The fact that she thinks that it’s actually a living child is slightly unrealistic, as you can audibly hear the groaning, but it was still cool. And then she kills the Governor’s daughter, once and for all. I can see this really pushing the Governor over the edge in the next half of the season, especially after he attacked Michonne, only to get his eye carved out.

The fact that Andrea was still on his side afterwards proves how under his sway she really is. Even after seeing a bunch of heads on the floor, which the Governor had kept in fish tanks, and his daughter, who he kept around despite her turning, she stayed with him. That’s the Governor for you though. He can turn anything into something it’s not.

But it’s outside that the real action is occurring. After regrouping in a building, Rick, Daryl, Oscar, Glenn, and Maggie make a run for it. And Woodbury quickly descends into chaos. The smoke grenades and flash bangs employed by the group make it easier for them to escape, but also creates an awesome scene for a battle. This is really the first large scale battle we’ve seen (At least between humans) and it’s awesome. Both the group and the citizens of Woodbury use assault rifles and machine guns, and the fight is awesome.

But it doesn’t necessarily end all that well. Rick is really starting to go crazy, which is made evident by him seeing Shane. Really, it’s just a citizen of Woodbury, but he thinks it’s Shane, and he freezes. And then, that citizen kills Oscar, something that Rick could have stopped. First it as the phone, and now this.

As if that wasn’t enough, Daryl insists on being left behind. Obviously, this is because he wants to see Merle, but he makes it out to look as if he’s just buying them time. He is captured though, and I can’t wait for the next half of the season. Especially since, at the end, the Governor puts Merle and Daryl in the fighting ring, with about a dozen guys aiming machine guns at them. Rick will probably go back for Daryl, but seeing how that all plays out will certainly be interesting.

“Made To Suffer” was easily the best episode of the Walking Dead’s third season. Packed with extremely fast paced action, as well as some interesting new developments in the cast, the mid season finale made me want more. It did everything a mid season finale should do. It set up for the next part of the season, and made me want more. My first thought when the credits began to roll was “I Seriously have to wait three months for new episodes? NOOOOO!” And I cannot wait for those new episodes. Not at all.




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