Why Arrow Has Fallen Apart

There’s no doubt about it. Arrow, which had so much promise, is currently on a downward spiral. It’s sad, really, because the first five episodes were pretty awesome. But now, they’ve fallen down a path that I’m not sure that they’ll be able to bounce back from. Which really, really sucks for a show with so much promise.

Why? Because the show has made an attempt to attract viewers that probably won’t be interested anyways. While the shirtless workouts in the first five episodes were obviously meant to attract female viewers, they were brief, thirty seconds at most. But Arrow has tried to attract mainstream viewers by throwing in episodes that are only about relationships. It’s not that that’s a bad thing be default, it’s just the way that they were handled.

Episodes devoted to relationships could have been alright. It is a big part of the show, and contributes a lot to much of the shows character development. But they feel more like episodes of any show on Disney Channel than ways in which to develop the show’s cast. And those episodes, have, for the most part, been extremely slow and boring.

Attempting to attract mainstream viewers is probably pretty useless anyways. Why not just cater to us DC fans? And not even just hardcore DC fans. Just DC fans in general. There’s definitely enough of us out there to get enough viewers on this show. Arrow would be able to focus in in what actually makes it so good if they dumped all the catering to others crap. Because at the end of the day, this show has a lot of potential.

I mean, they could at least make it something if a social commentary, similar to The Dark Knight Rises. They sort of tried that at the beginning, with the whole Robin Hood feel, but it got a little repetitive. But that Robin Hood theme actually gave the show some depth. The show had meaning in a context outside of the show. Which is something it hasn’t been doing so well. All this relationship trash? It’s worthless.

What I do like is that they’ve attempted to explore how becoming Arrow has had an affect on the people closest to Oliver, especially since he’s pushed many of them away since his return. That could actually provide some great character development, and would allow the show to flush out characters in ways that they haven’t before. It’s just that a lot of e episodes that explore this weren’t handled very well. The actors come across as bland and boring in many of these episodes (sadly, even Stephen Amell at times) and the writing is atrocious.

The fact is, the character conflict could be interesting, but it’s often resolved in ways that are tiresome, annoying, and, quite frankly, pretty cheesy. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s not only the resolutions are bad, but the dialogue is so annoying. And that’s not only the writing, it’s the way the actors make it come across. Arrow had some really strong casting. But the cast was strong with well written episodes. It’s no wonder that they aren’t as strong with episodes that aren’t well written.

And why were those episodes so poorly written? In a quest for viewers. The creators, for whatever reason, wanted to attract viewers that probably won’t stay with the show anyways. If any of the creators are reading this, which is doubtful, but still, listen to my plea! There are plenty of DC fans out there who want to see a DC TV show that has more than just surface level meaning. I mean, while the most recent episode had some entertaining moments, they were entertaining in the same way that Transformers movies are entertaining, with you sitting with your tongue out while robots punch each other.

Arrow, and the DC universe as a whole, is deeper than just watching a dude in a hood shoot arrows while he works out his relationship issues. No. The DC universe has deeper messages than that, and the creators of this show have to show that they can channel that through this show if they want to survive the first season.

Because even Smallville’s last couple of seasons were better than the past few episodes of Arrow. And that’s saying something, because I thought that those last few seasons were garbage. And that’s what Arrow seems to be becoming.

Hopefully it will be able to get that out of it’s system by next week’s episode. It is my sincere hope that Arrow gets better, because I really want to like it. But right now, it just isn’t cutting it in any way, shape, or form. Here’s to better episodes in the future. Oh, and the possibility of that fan made Nightwing show. If you haven’t seen the trailer, see if you can find, because if that gets any sort of budget… DC programming will be looking up, especially if Arrow gets better.


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5 Responses to Why Arrow Has Fallen Apart

  1. aziz says:

    Your exaggerating, they can still recover from this fall. “Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up” that quote needs no identification. The last 3 episodes have been terrible, complete garbage, atrocious. However, all we can do is hope the next episode will be better, and hopefully it will judging from the promotional pictures.

  2. aziz says:

    New episode is better, just saying.

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