So earlier, I attempted to post a blog post about the Michigan Right To Work laws. In it, I attacked the Koch brothers, saying that they had declared class warfare on the middle class. I then went on to say “If it’s a class war they want, I’m more than happy to give it to them.” Shortly after, the post was removed. The draft was deleted. It is gone. Like, really gone. It no longer exists. And I’m not sure this was the work of the Koch brothers or WordPress, but wither way, it is an illegal act of censorship. And I refuse to have it. It is illegal, and violates my rights to voice my opinion. 

And that is why, now, my hatred for the Koch brothers has only been fueled. Oil has been thrown on the fire. And so, Koch brothers, if you ever see this, be warned. Yes, this is a threat. The Koch brothers must pay for their crimes against the American people. Rise.


About jeanluc1997

Fan fiction writer, Youtube video maker. Hardcore Star Wars fan. Progressive Liberal.
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