The Five Best Series of DC’s New 52

Back in late 2011, DC made a very risky, but very bold move. They decided to reboot their entire universe, and all the characters within it. This meant that there DC ended all of their old series, and started new ones. And while there have certainly been some series that have fallen short, most are pretty good. But some, such as these five, are truly amazing.

5. Aquaman

This one was a surprise to me as well. I read the first issue, thinking that it would just be a bad, campy series that got on my nerves. But Aquaman’s character has been completely redone. He’s no longer the campy character that annoyed so many of us. In fact, he’s the exact opposite. The stories are completely serious, and the writing is stellar. The story lines are pretty awesome, mixing in some horror elements along with the action. The characters are handled extremely well, and all of them have been built up to the point where the reader actually cares about them. Finally, the artwork is really awesome, and adds a lot to the story.

Best Issue: Aquaman #6

4. Batman & Robin

A comic series with the same name as one of the worst movies ever? I was skeptical at first as well. But I read it anyways, and it turned out to be really, really awesome. The series focuses around Batman and his son, Damian Wayne. While the action and overall story lines are really good, the best thing about is series is the relationship between the two main characters. Damian is extremely different from his father, which comes as a result of being raised by Talia Al Ghul. The clashes between the characters comes across extremely well, and the father and son dynamic only serves to add to the story. Wile the characters are easily the best part of this series, the stories are really good as well, in part because of the stellar writing.

Best Issue: Batman & Robin #7

3. Justice League

Justice League offers an entirely new spin on DC’s premiere superhero team. The series starts with the origin of the League, and moves into some other extremely interesting conflicts. The first six issues of the series revolve around the League actually functioning as a team. The characters are all very different, and this adds an interesting dynamic to the series. The characters are a big component of Justice League, and they are all written extremely well, and, in addition, are all developed extremely well. Furthermore, this series has some of the best action scenes, thanks, in part, to the awesome artwork. In addition to that, this series offers some very interesting side plots, especially with Colonel Trevor being a major character in the series. These side plots often serve as a distraction from the action, which, at times, is nice.

Best Issue: Justice League #13

2. Wonder Woman

I’ve never really been a big fan of Wonder Woman’s character. But after reading the New 52 Wonder Woman series, I realized she’s actually an awesome character. The series handles her character really well, and also does a great job with all the other characters. But it’s probably the story that is the most interesting here. The story could be passed off as a Greek myth, with the inclusion of many Greek gods. Being a fan of Greek mythology, that’s a definite plus for me. The plot is great, and has been for all 15 issues of the series so far. The writing is stellar throughout. And the artwork is probably some of the best of the New 52. The art isn’t as realistic as some of the other art, but the cartoon-y style is still really, really awesome.

Best Issue: Wonder Woman #12

1. Batman

It was inevitable, wasn’t it? There’s no way any of the other series in the New 52 could even compete with Batman. Ever since the beginning, it’s been stellar in every single area. Writing, characters, artwork, and everyone else. Out of all of the series, it has by far the best story arcs. Court of the Owls was stellar, and we saw some great character development for Batman, as well as an interesting glimpse into his past. But as good as Curt of the Owls was, Death of the Family is better. So far, it’s easily one of the best comic book stories that I have ever read. The characters are handled extraordinarily well, and they are constantly being developed, thanks to the book’s excellent writing. This series is, hands down, a masterpiece.


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3 Responses to The Five Best Series of DC’s New 52

  1. wwayne says:

    Animal Man and Swamp Thing are pure awesomeness too.

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