Guns in America

There’s no doubt about it. America has a problem. Well, we actually have quite a few problems. But, at least in my opinion, the biggest problem that America has is guns. It’s not the right to own guns, I can see how that is perfectly logical for sporting reasons. I do not at all condone the killing of animals, I am, after all, a vegetarian. But if that’s what seem people have to do, then whatever. That’s their own lifestyle choice.

What I am against, however, is that anyone can buy a military grade assault rifle. And I’m fairly sure that you don’t need one of those to kill a deer. Unless, of course, you have terrible aim. Still, there is absolutely no need for assault weapons in society. Really, there is no real need for weapons, period.

But America has built a culture of violence. I’m not saying that violent video games, movies, TV shows, and books are necessarily bad, when used in moderation. The real culture of violence actually comes from our government. In 2001 and 2003, George W. Bush basically said that it’s Ok to kill people without a reason. America has constantly gotten itself involved in wars that we don’t need to be involved in. And that is what creates a society of violence. You could blame it on the video games, which many right wing Republicans are trying to do right now. But that’s just a distraction from the real issue.

And the real issue is the NRA. America is controlled by the gun lobby. Senators and Congressmen want to keep their jobs, and the NRA wants to keep getting richer. And they control Senators and Congressmen and women. They fund campaigns, and therefore, our politicians do what the NRA wants.

Meanwhile, the NRA’s out stirring up the people. The NRA and their lackeys (i.e. Rush Limbaugh) are lying to the people. Now, after one of the nation’s greatest tragedies, our government is trying to prevent it from happening again. Banning assault weapons. Limiting the size of magazines. Imposing stricter background checks. All of this would help in preventing more tragedies like the one at Sandy Hook elementary.

But the right wing is trying to tell the gun nuts, who are the very fringe of their party, that this is imposing on their second amendment rights. And, actually, it really isn’t. The second amendment allows the right to bear arms. And that was put in place when America actually was a dangerous place. There were reasons to own a gun.

Now, in the year 2013, the US is actually the safest it’s been since the 1960’s. Most responsible gun owners will tell you that the guns that they own are only used for sporting purposes. But it’s the irresponsible ones that are worrying. The ones that are the fringe of the right wing. Luckily, they don’t represent the entire party. Comparatively, there probably aren’t actually that many of them. That fact, however, is irrelevant. This pack of crazies are, for the most part, mentally unstable.

Maybe that isn’t a fact, but they certainly do a great job convincing me of the fact that they don’t function on the same levels as ordinary human beings. But they are dangerous. Because of their mental instability, they are more likely to be convinced by the arguments of the manipulators of the Republican party.

Before I go one, I must clarify one thing. I personally believe that the Republican party is made up of two parts; the manipulators and the manipulated. The manipulators include Fox News and the NRA, while the manipulated are people like those batshit crazy gun nuts. Most of the more sane members of the Republican party are probably being manipulated as well, they just aren’t as crazy. You’d have to be crazy to not want to live in a socialist country (look at countries like Sweden), but they aren’t like the gun nuts.

But the gun nuts are much easier to manipulate, so, despite being the minority, people like Rush Limbaugh target them. They say things that make them even crazier. Many of the things that they tell these lunatics are flat out untrue, of course. Limbaugh has said said that no one can stop President Obama, insinuating that the people have to. This is obviously a lie, we have a system of checks and balances to ensure that the president’s power isn’t abused. Yes, he could issue an executive order. But he isn’t that type of president.

Sadly, everyone’s favorite idiots believe Rush Limbaugh. And, sadly, they have to be taken seriously, because they’re a group of mentally unstable idiots waving assault rifles around. Assault rifles that they LEGALLY purchased. There’s something wrong with that. Obviously, being able to buy an assault rifle is a problem. But the fact that they’re given to mentally unstable  lunatics, with absolutely no background checks whatsoever is an even bigger issue.

I do not condone the selling of assault rifles, but if we’re going to keep them legal, at least keep them out of the hands of the crazies. Sadly, it’s the crazies that keep the NRA going. And, sadly, the NRA has the politicians in their pockets. So you could say that the crazies run the politicians. And it has to end. There has to be some sort of legislation passed. Because these people are dangerous. Crazies with guns. And they know how to use them. Not that we should be scared of them, because that only makes the situation worse.

We should be trying to stop them though. And we should be doing everything we can to ensure that massacres like the one at Sandy Hook elementary school never happen again. We need to take military weapons off the streets, we need to have stricter background checks, and, above all, we need to destroy the lies being told by the manipulators of the Republican party. We need to let people know that what they say isn’t at all true. Because only then can we end the relentless cycle of violence that has plagued the US since its founding.


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