My Five Goals Before Summer

Sadly, for all of us students, we are trapped in the prison that is school until the beginning of summer vacation. In about five months. Yay. Anyways, since I’m coming to the end of my exam week, I have decided that it’s time to set some goals for myself before I go lounge around in the public library and read graphic novels all day. So, yes, that means goals before the beginning of summer. Because, despite being imprisoned in school for much of the day, I can still aspire to do great things.

Master “Cantina Band” on my Trumpet

Superman Theme? Got it. Star Wars theme? Mastered. Lord of the Rings theme? Easy. Battle of the Heroes? Playable. Cantina Band? Disastrous. No kidding. Usually I play this with two of my friends – one plays clarinet and one plays tenor – and we fall apart. And it’s not like we can go ten or twenty measures before the whole thing completely falls apart. After the first or second measure, we’ve messed up the timing, notes, and rhythm. Seriously, the piece is a disaster. Luckily, we aren’t playing it in a concert or anything, we just happen to all love playing our instruments, and, like any sane person, like the Star Wars music. Cantina Band will not be easy. However, I know that I can do it. I mean, I’ve managed to put together a concert repertoire (First trumpet on all parts, mind you) in a weekend. I relish a challenge on my instrument, especially since many pieces that were once challenging I can now play almost perfectly. Cantina Band, though? Not so much. I’m sure that by the end of the school year, I’ll have it down. And then I’ll show off my mastery at band camp.

Rebuild at Least 50% of my Lego Star wars Collection

My Lego collection is a mess. It’s mostly just a bunch of bins of pieces. Granted, I have sorted them by color, but their sheer number makes finding pieces a chore. Yes, it’s a lot of fun to build Legos, and the satisfaction after completing a set is unparalleled. 50% of my Lego Star Wars will be a hard goal to achieve, certainly. And that lives all my sets from other lines disassembled, but the Star Wars sets are my favorite, hands down, and having a good portion of them rebuilt before summer would be awesome. Personally, I feel that sorting it even more will help a lot. I came across an article recently that suggests organizing them both by color and piece. Sadly, this means I’ll have to spend money on… shelves. Well, they’re more like drawers actually. But at the end of the day, I really feel that it will be worth it. It will give me the perfect opportunity to take stock of my Lego collection, and evaluate what pieces I have and what pieces have been lost in my decade of Lego collecting. And then, I get to build them, which is easily the best part. 

Finish the First Three Parts of my Sci-Fi Story

Since this is my last year of the MYP program, I’m required to do a personal project this year. The personal project, while certainly a lot of work, is probably the most fun I’ll have doing school work for the rest of the year. Essentially, it allows you to further explore your passion, and so, naturally, mine has to do with writing. I’ve decided to go the sci-fi route, and have begun work on The Colonists, which I hope to be a five part series, with each part being comprised of a series of vignettes. My goal for the personal project is t finish part 1, which I have decided to name Meetings in the Dark. Writing it is a lot of fun, especially when my ideas are really flowing, and I can pump out a couple thousand words in what feels like ten or twenty minutes. Despite my goal for the personal project being to only complete Meetings in the Dark, my real goal is to have two other parts completed by the end of the year, but hopefully by the start of summer vacation. They will work their way onto this blog eventually – the first vignette, which is done, will probably end up being uploaded fairly soon. My end goal, though, is to have all five parts published. At this time, I’m seriously considering publishing through Amazon, and making each part available as an e-book. I have most of the ideas for the story ready to go, I just need to write them. And that really is no chore for me. 

Write More Fanfiction

Along with my novel(s), I am also a fanfiction writer. I publish my stories directly to (If you use it, my pen name is RC117, and if you don’t check my stuff out anyways!), but I haven’t been very active for a bout a year now. I’ve done a few minor edits to both my stories, but I haven’t actually uploaded new chapters in months. And, based on comments and messages I’ve received, people seemed to be liking my work. Both of my stories are crossovers, one between Halo and Gears of War and the other between Star Wars, Terminator, and Halo. Both are in need of new chapters, and I’ve recently been hit with a bunch of new ideas as to where I can take the story from where I left off. Neither have endings yet, but they are beginning to solidify as new ideas begin to flow. Continuing to write both of my fan fictions will probably also help to improve my overall writing, and that’s always a great thing for people who read my work. And, as I write this, I’m realizing that I should probably be uploading my fanfiction work to my blog, so you can expect a bunch of that stuff to come up over the next few days.

Make More YouTube Videos

Making YouTube videos was something I used to do. I only ever uploaded three, but I had a bunch of others that were either in progress or ready, and for some reason… I just stopped. Many would probably expect me to do gameplay videos and/or commentaries, but aside from a few guest appearances on one of my friend’s channels, that isn’t what I do. I make music videos. Not with original music, sadly. I take existing songs and use video game and movie footage to build a video that matches the tone of the music. It may seem easy, but it isn’t. Timing the video so that footage is in the exact point you want it to be is hard enough, but even harder is selecting the right footage for the right point in the song. If you ever check out my videos (My channel name is DarkNinjaSith, by the way), you’ll probably notice that there are moments where I excel at this, and others that I don’t do so well with. My personal favorite is a Gears of War music video I made with the song “Silence”‘ by A Dark Halo. And my goal is to make more videos like that, and to drastically increase my creative output. 


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