My Five Most Anticipated Movies of 2013

2013 is upon us. And with it comes dozens of new movies. Many of which will be garbage, of course. But really, I don’t care about all those crap Romantic Comedies. What I’m looking forward to is the action movies. You know, the ones with complex plots that aren’t all exactly the same as the previous one. Forgive me for the fact that 2 of the five movies are Superhero movies, but it remains a fact that Superhero movies are awesome, and there are  a few on this list.

5. Monsters University

Monsters University

I’m sorry all you people who like to be mature, but my inner seven year old is alive and well. So you can screw off, because I’m going to see Monsters University, and no one is going to prevent that from happening. Monsters Inc was one of my favorite Pixar movies (It still is), and with all the talent that Pixar has, the prequel will almost certainly be stellar. Though we’ve only seen a few teasers and a parody of a college commercial so far, more is probably soon to come. And what we have seen looks very Pixar. Which means that Monsters University is a top notch animation film that is designed to cater to people of all ages, encompassing both humor and important life lessons. So, all in all, it sounds like a pretty great movie. I’m in.

4. Kick Ass 2

Newscom TagID: infphotos624754/Photo via Newscom

So far, all we’ve seen from Kick Ass 2 is a few screenshots and a plot summary. Granted, that’s not much to go on at all. But based solely on the plot summary and the first movie, I have a really good feeling about this movie. The first movie deviated from the graphic novel at many points, which was at times good, and at other times, not so great. However, the intelligent writing and directing that went into it made it a great movie, and I’m hoping that that returns in the second part of the movie. However, Kick Ass 2 won’t only follow Kick Ass and Hit Girl. Actually, it will follow an entire team of normal people turned vigilante, as they are hunted down by the Red Mist. Granted, it does sound a little bit on the cliche side, and a lot like The Watchmen. Not that the Watchmen comparison is a bad thing, it’s actually a great thing. The thing about Kick Ass is that, while it comes dangerously close to cliche territory, the simple absurdity of the whole thing pull it back from the ledge, and hopefully this is true of the sequel as well.

3. Star Trek: Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness

After JJ Abrams’ 2009 reboot of the series, we get the sequel, again directed by Abrams. The trailer that we’ve seen gives us a good glimpse of the movie, and there’s quite a bit of information there to go on. First, there a lot of hints at Into Darkness serving as something of a prequel to Wrath of Khan. Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain seems to have the possibility of being Khan. Granted, that’s all speculation. But the return of the cast from the 2009 movie is certainly promising, as each of them delivered as members of the crew of the Enterprise, and I’m sure that they will deliver once again in Into Darkness. In the trailer, we also see all manners of destruction, and it’s targeted at Earth. Abrams has already shown in Star Trek that he is willing to throw in elements of time travel – and this could continue in Into Darkness. Maybe a future Khan coming back to take his revenge? It seems far fetched, I know, but Abrams has already shown his proficiency in areas like time travel. If 2009’s Star Trek is anything to go by, Abrams will be able to create a movie that is distinctly Star Trek, but at the same time incorporating more contemporary sci-fi themes. And I know he can do it, so I cannot wait for Into Darkness.

2. Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 will kick off Marvel’s second phase of movies in it’s cinematic universe. Leading with Iron Man 3 is, in my opinion, an excellent move. Due in part to Robert Downey Jr.’s excellent performance as Tony Stark, and in part to director Shane Black’s excellent work with the previous two installments, it is safe to assume that Iron Man 3 will be an excellent movie. The trailer hints at some post alien invasion let down for Tony Stark, and it really could not have come at a worse time. Iron Man 3 will see something of A Dark Knight Rises esque rebirth for the character, as Tony Stark’s personal life is destroyed by his greatest nemesis: The Mandarin. The plot, at least from the plot synopsis and trailer, seems to be about Tony Stark questioning his ability to protect those he cares for. This seems to be the culmination of the development we’ve seen in his character since the first Iron Man movie, from an uncaring young adult to a responsible hero. Oh, and casting Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin? Talk about a masterstroke.

1. The Man of Steel

man of steel

Christopher Nolan. Zack Snyder. Hans Zimmer. David S. Goyer. Three of them worked on the Dark Knight trilogy. The fourth has done The Watchmen and 300. And, at long last, we have a competent team tackling a Superman movie. Not to say that the others are bad (with the obvious exception 3 & 4, which are utter garbage), but Man of Steel certainly has the potential to be the best Superman movie ever. From the trailer we’ve seen, it looks like the team has decided to take more realistic approach to Superman. Granted, realism isn’t going to be achieved to the level of, say, the Dark Knight trilogy. But what really gets my hopes up for this movie is the obvious inclusion of the hero’s journey. As he did in the Dark Knight trilogy, Christopher Nolan seems to be pushing an emphasis on Clark Kent’s journey to becoming Superman, and whether or not the world excepts him. One quote form the trailer stood out to me: “My father thought the world wasn’t ready. What do you think?” This is said by Clark himself, and shows that major portion of the movie will revolve around his acceptance. And it will be an interesting journey to watch, especially since it’s never really been tackled on the big screen before. Plus, the inclusion of General Zod ensures some excellent action set pieces. I simply cannot wait for this movie.


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