My Five Most Anticipated Albums of 2013

I take my music very seriously. I try my best to stay up to date with new music from my favorite bands, and 2013 will see new releases from many excellent bands. While I can’t be sure that new albums from some of these bands will necessarily be good, these are the albums that I really want to listen to. All of the bands on here are bands who I have previously listened to, as it is new music from my favorite bands that I am most excited for.

5. U2 – U2


U2, for a long time, was my favorite band. The only reason they still aren’t is probably because I just don’t listen to them as much. Every few weeks, I’ll still listen to Achtung Baby, since it is easily one of the best albums ever made. And it’s undeniable that they have the best live show I have ever been to. Sadly, their last effort (2009’s No Line on the Horizon) just didn’t do it for me. We haven’t heard any of the material off of thirteenth studio album – titled simply U2 – yet, but I really hope it’s more like Achtung Baby or All That You Can’t Leave Behind. But U2 seems to be a band that learns from their mistakes. And despite the group reaching older ages, I feel that the creativity and talent that has driven them for decades is still there. What I’m hoping for is something of a restart, like they did at the beginning of the century. I’m all for musical exploration, and that has worked for U2 in the past, but there have also been misfires.  Hopefully, U2 isn’t one of those. And I doubt it will be. U2 will learn from their past mistakes – as they did with Pop. They’re a smart band, and care about their audience. That is why I have high hopes for their new album, and I cannot wait to get some new material from them.

4. Silverstein – This is How the Wind Shifts

This is How the Wind Shifts

This album actually comes out pretty soon. Actually, it’s just over two weeks before February 5th, the release date for How the Wind Shifts. Based on the two singles – Massachusetts and Stand Amid the Roar – How the Wind Shifts is going to be heavy. But, as with previous music from the band, it will probably combine heavier vocals and clean vocals. I really love that. Not onyl because it shows talent, but because when the two are merged, it creates an excellent sound that few bands can pull off. Consistently, Silverstein has written songs that I feel I can connect with, and this is probably what makes them so popular. Both of the new singles do this, and I’m really hoping that the remainder of the album does as well. Silverstein has some serious musical talent  and there’s no doubt that they will once again bring it to bear here. In recent years, Silverstein has also been tackling some deeper material, especially on A Shipwreck in the Sand, and I’d love to see that trend continue on How the Wind Shifts. It makes the band’s music feel fresh, and not too similar to previous albums. If that more mature level of song writing manages to click on This is How the Wind Shifts, there is no doubt that it will be Silverstein’s best album. 

3. Allice in Chains – TBA


In 2009, Alice in Chains made a stellar comeback with Black Gives Way to Blue. Their new vocalist, William DuVall, actually sounded like Lane Staley, and that is undeniably a good thing. As a whole, the album was heavier and darker than the band’s work with Staley, and I absolutely loved it. Alice and Chains has released one single, the Hollow, which has recently gotten a lot of play on my iPhone. The style of music remains similar to that of their previous album, with DuVall’s gritty voice complemented by heavy, dark guitar riffs and an excellent rhythm section. In addition to the excellent music style, Alice in Chains has also produced some excellent writing. The band tackles a range of topics in their songs – and the fact that they can execute every one of them extremely well is an accomplishment. I’m hoping that their new album is similar to Black Gives Way to Blue, and continues grunge’s revival, which is still going strong. I highly doubt that it will disappoint though, especially since Hollow is such a well written, well done song. There’s almost no doubt in my mind that their new album will be among their best.

2. Coheed & Cambria – The Afterman: Descension


Before I tell you why I’m extremely excited for Descension, I must say that the first part, Ascension, is my favorite Coheed & Cambria album to date. But my favorite Coheed & Cambria song isn’t on Ascension. It is, in fact, on Descension. It’s a little thing called Sentry the Defiant. And even if the rest of Descension sucks, I will love it solely because of Sentry. Now, I highly doubt that it’s going to suck. Actually, I’m 100% sure that it could be better than Ascension. It continues the story started in the first part, and if that’s anyhting to go on, we’re going to get more of Claudio Saqnchez’s excellent writing. The guy is extremely talented. He can craft a stellar science fiction story through music, while at the same time giving his lyrics meanings that are applicable to real life. Because the charcaters that he creates are so well written (in the songs) that us normal people can connect with them. I have no doubt that this will continue in Descension. And I also have no doubt that the Coheed & Cambria’s musical prowess is going away any time soon. And that is why I am extrmely excited for Descension.     

1. A Day to Remember – Common Courtesy

A Day To Remember - Violence (Enough Is Enough)

I’m not going to lie. I am addicted to A Day to Remember. There isn’t a single song by them that I don’t like, to be completely honest. And their first single off of Common Courtesy, Violence (Enough is Enough) is no exception. In fact, it may be one of my favorite A Day to Remember songs. It’s not really like a lot of their other stuff, but I really hope that their new album is more like it. It’s a heavy metal song in the vein of 2nd Sucks, off of 2010’s What Separates Me From You. It also sees the band tackling some deeper material. While many songs from previous albums are more emotional, Violence (Enough is Enough) actually tackles the issue of violence. It’s nice to see the group step out of their comfort zone a little, and it works. Actually, it works better than I had anticipated. If the album does tackle some deeper material, I think that Common Courtesy has the potential to be their best work yet. And in my opinion, that’s saying something. But really, they’re musical talent is evident, but up until Violence, it seemed that they would always stay in a box with song writing. And Violence (Enough is Enough) proves that that couldn’t be less true, and hopefully the album will as well.

Other Anticipated Albums…

Adelita’s Way – TBA

Asking Alexandria – TBA

Avenged Sevenfold – TBA

Five Finger Death Punch – TBA

Pearl Jam – TBA

Tool – TBA

Device – TBA

Paramore – Paramore

Stone Sour- House of Gold and Bones Part 2


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