Why I’m Excited for THIMUN

I have been excited for THIMUN for a long time now. By “a long time”, I mean about four years. Because MUN has kind of been my thing ever since I joined back in seventh grade. It was always inevitable that I’d end up at THIMUN. And I’m not being cocky when I say that. It’s just that I’m really good at MUN. There’s a reason that I was put on the executive council in ninth grade. 

The problem is, I live in Kuwait. You may misread that, though. Living in Kuwait isn’t necessarily a problem unto itself. The real problem is the MUN conferences, or lack thereof. I know of three conferences in the entire country. Granted, it’s a small country. and three conferences wouldn’t be a problem if any of them were all that good. 

Well, I can’t say “all”, since I’ve only ever attended two of the three that I know of: KSAA and PEARL. PEARL is an entirely student run conference. So, inevitably, it’s the worse of the two. While I’m all for the whole student-run thing, it doesn’t work when you’re running an entire conference. I don’t even go to that one anymore, actually. 

And then there’s KSAA, which is the big conference. Sadly, KSAA, for the past two years, has been a joke. This year, I represented France, on the Security Council, and last year I represented Morocco in the Territorial Disputes commission. Those two are generally regarded as the most serious MUN commissions. But, honestly, I got more done two years ago in the Middle School GA than I have in either of those commissions. KSAA, quite frankly, is a joke. And not the kind that’s funny in a good way, but the kind that you laugh at because of it’s sheer stupidity. 

It isn’t run very well, and you’ll lucky to run across a serious delegate that’s actually there for MUN, and not to just screw around. 

I could go on for hours about KSAA, to be honest. But I’m going to move the focus back to THIMUN. You see, being an extremely serious MUN delegate and executive council member, I have longed for a good conference. A conference that hosts delegates who are serious, and where commissions are actually places where teenagers meet to find solutions to world issues, and not just to talk and joke around.

This is my first time going to THIMUN, so I may have the wrong image of it. But I’m fairly sure that it’s a serious conference. Sure, it won’t be 100% serious all the time. Despite my reputation with the stupid people at KSAA, I do actually enjoy having fun from time to time. So yes, I can handle some messing around from time to time.

Which is how I envision THIMUN: you go, debate resolutions, have fun doing that, and have fun doing some other stuff as well, at the conference itself. That’s why I’m devoting today to writing the best resolutions I’ve ever written. After watching Skyfall this morning (Which was an excellent movie), all I’ve done is research for my resolution. Yes, I should have done that long before now, but I’ve been busy.

Since I’m extremely passionate about foreign affairs and politics, the conference itself is what I’m most excited for at THIMUN. Yes, I do miss a week of school, which is nice. But the other reason I’m excited for THIMUN is because it’s in the Hague.

After being stuck in the desert for the better part of five months, I need out. Not that I don’t like Kuwait, but I like Europe a whole lot more. First of all, I can actually get Lego sets there that aren’t extremely overpriced! Who would’ve thought, right? And second, there’s the weather. What I’m about to say may sound weird to many, but I love the cold. No joke. i’m from Michigan, and most people there hate the cold, but very few of them have gone without it for years. 

But yes, the real reason I’m excited for THIMUN is because I’ll finally be able to get a serious MUN conference. I’ll finally be able to see how MUN conferences are supposed to be run, and i’ll get to meet other delegates who are passionate about MUN and aren’t just there to screw around. I leave tomorrow, and I cannot wait.


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One Response to Why I’m Excited for THIMUN

  1. Sergio Snabian says:

    I can’t wait to go 🙂

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