The Future of the Clone Wars

TV shows seem to be dropping like flies. At least, the ones I watch. While garbage reality TV shows will continue, the DC Nation community is losing both Green Lantern the Animated Series and Young Justice. Clone Wars could easily be on that list. Luckily, however, it is not. Despite Season 5 being the show’s last season, “The Wrong Jedi” is not the last episode of the Clone Wars that we will see.

To be honest, “The Wrong Jedi” wouldn’t have been a bad ending for the show as a whole. Ahsoka leaving the Jedi Order seems like a good place for the show to end, especially since it’s getting into it’s later seasons. But I was extremely relieved when I learned that this is not the end for the Clone Wars.

The end is near, yes, but it has not quite arrived. Not yet. And that’s good, because there are a lot of stories left to be told. Namely, the fate of certain characters that aren’t clad in plot armor. Captain Rex and Darth Maul are probably the biggest two examples, though other characters, like Fives and Mother Talzin, could be thrown in there. Then there’s Ahsoka. After her departure from the Order, where does she end up?

There are still tales left to be told about those characters, for certain. But there are other stories to be told, of major events that occur during the Clone Wars. The Battle of Coruscant is a big one, and could be where the series ends, in a manner similar to how the 2D series closed. But what about Order 66? That’s technically an event that occurs during the Clone Wars, isn’t it? And, based on the video that was released, showing a preview of what to come, that seems like an avenue that the show is willing to explore.

The link above is a link to that video, in which a Clone Trooper called Tuck (I believe that that is his name) kills a Jedi. It isn’t Order 66, but it seems like his mind was somehow influenced, most likely by a Sith, perhaps Darth Maul. It could be a precursor to Order 66, and that seems to be the most likely possibility.

In addition to that, there is quite a bit in the Clone Wars Season 5 trailer that we didn’t see in the actual season. For one, there is the Clovis arc, which includes the episodes “Rise of Clovis”, “An Old Friend”, and “Crisis at the Heart”, which should have seen the return of  Rush Clovis, whose first appearance was back in Season 2. This arc would have likely revolved around Anakin and Padme, neither of whom got much screen time in Season 5.

There was some footage in the Season 5 trailer that I suspect was from this arc. There are a few clips of Anakin Skywalker attacking Rush Clovis at a dinner with Padme. Perhaps Cloivs will again try to kill Padme in this arc, which is one that I’m sure we will see soon, since it was actually supposed to be Season 5’s second arc.

That’s not the only other arc that we will see though. Again, there was another arc that was hinted at in the Season 5 trailer, and even had an exclusive clip released. This arc would have followed the bounty hunter Embo, who made an appearance in Season 5, battling Savage Oppress.

That clip isn’t great quality, though it shows Embo attacking Padme, Anakin, and a third person, who may actually be Rush Clovis. So yes, ti could be a part of the Clovis arc, but I think it may warrant it’s own arc. Embo is certainly a cool enough character that he deserves his own arc.

Meanwhile, there’s even more footage that we never saw from the trailer. One clip in particular stands out, in which we see Fox gunning down a horde of battle droids that are encircling him. In addition, we see a clip of more troopers, in similar armor to Fox, being attacked on a landing pad, right after Dooku tells someone to “Begin their attack.” This arc will feature some sort of invasion, to be sure. And the landing pads, as well as the continuity, suggest the possibility of Coruscant.

Dooku also has quite a bit of a presence in the trailer, uttering quite a few threatening lines, as well as having a few clips of him shown. However, he appeared very rarely in Season 5 of the Clone Wars, leading me to believe that there is more of him coming, possibly related to the clip I just discussed.

Furthermore, there is a clip in the trailer of LAAT/i’s (Republic Gunships) attacking a stronghold on an ice world. This also could be connected to the Dooku/Fox clips, but the clip of Embo’s attack is on an ice world. This means that it is probably a part of this arc, be it an arc about Embo, or a part of the Clovis arc.

Somewhere in these arcs, the fate of Rex must be decided. Base don the fact that he never appears in Revenge of the Sith, he either deserted, or was killed at some point. We know that he was later replaced by Commander Appo, but the two questions are when and why he was replaced.

There could be another arc, one that we haven’t seen anything from, that could include his fate. This is likely, and a Rex-centric arc would certainly be nice, since he’s taken back seat to other Clone Troopers recently. Both him and Fives appear in the clip from the “Future of the Clone Wars” video, so perhaps both of them are dealt with in that arc.

Or, if the series decides to tackle it, he could desert during Order 66, which would make a lot of sense.

Rex, however, isn’t the only character whose story needs to end. there is the somewhat troublesome case of one Darth Maul. He was defeated by Darth Sidious on Manadalore earlier this season, but not killed. So we know he’s alive out there, somewhere. His fate will probably be confirmed in a future arc, and, sadly, it will probably end with his death.

All of these stories to tell, but how will they be distributed? Honestly, I’m hoping for a massive blu-ray/DVD box set of the entire series, which includes the new stuff. This way, they could kill three birds with one stone. New Clone Wars could be distributed to the masses, the Clone Wars will get the excellent blu-ray release it deserves, and the continuity issues will be solved, with every episode (and the movie) being put in the order they occur in.

Of course, Disney could pull in viewers by airing a final season of the excellent show on Disney XD. They already have a couple Marvel shows on that channel, so it would be no surprise if Star Wars shows were added to the channel’s line up. Honestly, I hope they do both, so that there can be both an awesome Clone Wars boxed set as well as a sixth season of the show.

If there’s anything that you think I have forgotten about, please, let me know in the comments below!



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2 Responses to The Future of the Clone Wars

  1. brucekenobi says:

    You forgot about the clip of Anakin attacking Captain Typho.

  2. jeanluc1997 says:

    I actually didn’t forget about it, that isn’t Typho, it’s Clovis. If you watch the trailer again, you’ll recognize it as being him.

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