Young Justice’s Ending

Last week, Young Justice came to end. After two seasons, the end has come for DC’s excellent animated TV show. It sucks, yes. What sucks even more is how the series ended. The finale was a great episode, to be sure. I’m pretty sure that it was really three episodes merged into one, but that’s not my problem with the finale.

Nor is it Kid Flash’s death. As sad as that was (I nearly shed a tear), my biggest problem is that, in the last two minutes of the show, they confirmed all my suspicions. Apokolips. Darkseid. And we will probably never get to see where that would go.

Because Young Justice isn’t like the Clone Wars. While there is more of that coming, Young Justice is over. Finished. Sure, there’s a slight chance that it will come back in two or three years once Cartoon Network has realized that replacing it with Teen titans GO! is probably the stupidest idea ever.

But how awesome would it have been to see the team and the League battle Darkseid? It’s now confirmed that G. Gordon Godfrey is, in fact, Glorious Godfrey, which many suspected. So his manipulation of Earth would have allowed the perfect opportunity for Darkseid to begin his parademon invasion.

There’s certainly a lot of wasted potential here. Especially in the last half of season 2, Young Justice’s creative team reminded us of their talent for excellent story telling. The Reach threat was extremely well done, and so was the threat of the Light in the first season. I have every confidence that the show’s creators would have done an equally good job with an Apokolips storyline.

Plus, I really love Darkseid. I’m a huge fan of pretty much everything that he’s a part of, be it comics, TV shows, or movies. The great thing about his character is that he is the quintessential bad guy. Everything he does revolves around the anti life equation, which he uses to transform beings into mindless slaves. And he does a pretty good job of it too. Take Final Crisis, for example, in which he takes control of quite a few Justice League members.

I don’t doubt that his role in Young Justice would have, again, revolved around the anti life equation. However, that’s a story that we always see from the point of view of major heroes. It’s always been from the point of view of the Justice League that we’ve seen conflicts with Darkseid unfold. It would be very cool to see how their younger counterparts handled the situation.

I do not doubt that a third season, with Darkseid as the main villain, would have involved a lot more of the Justice League. But that’s a good thing, at least in my opinion. Yes, it’s the Team’s show. But that doesn’t mean that the creators can’t give the League a little more attention, especially since much of the team probably would have joined it soon. Some members, like Zatanna, actually already joined the League, and we saw way to little of them this season.

However, it isn’t just the Darkseid plot that I would be excited to see. Barring any unforeseen time jumps, we would see a great deal of character development if Young Justice were to have a third season, much of it focusing on the fallout of Kid Flash’s death. Between Artemis’ grieving, and becoming Tigress, and Impulse working to fill KF’s shoes, there would be a great deal of content to explore with those characters.

Sure, I was satisfied with where most of the characters left off emotionally, it would simply be interesting to see where that would go. The exception, however, is Nightwing. He was easily my favorite character in the first season, but for some reason, he took a back seat to more minor characters in this season. With him leaving at the end of Season 2, it would be great to see where his character would go from there.

Season 2’s biggest flaw was it’s wide variety of characters, and Nightwing wasn’t the only one who was pushed to the back as a result. However, a third season would allow for characters like Tim Drake, Wondergirl, Red Arrow, and Beast Boy take center stage, and get the development that they deserve.

It is sad that Young Justice was cancelled. Actually, it’s not just sad, but a huge waste of potential. Over the past year or so, I’ve come to love the show and it’s wide variety of characters. There are so many places that the plot could go that it’s just sad that the show was cancelled so prematurely.


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3 Responses to Young Justice’s Ending

  1. Ivie says:

    I was disappointed that Young Justice had to end. I felt like it was almost rushed, and as you said earlier, they forced three episodes into one. I know next to nothing about DC comics comapred to others, but I would have loved to have seen another season with the villain Darkseid. Teen Titans Go will never do as good – unless it was a more serious continuation of the first series, or more like it compared to the clips I’ve seen of it.

    • jeanluc1997 says:

      I completely agree on the Teen Titans Go point. I wasn’t a big fan of the original series, so I’m nearly 100% sure that I’m not going to like a comedic take on the show. Especially since, when I watch it’ I will be reminded of all that could have been.

  2. brucekenobi says:

    They probably skipped 6 episodes that were actually made but never broadcasted due to Cartoon Network’s moronic ending “due date”

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