Why Teen Titans GO! Will Fail

Maybe I’m just bitter about the premature cancellation of Young Justice, and the fact that it’s being replaced by a new Teen Titans show. But I honestly believe that most people will detest the show, myself included. Why? Well there are quite a few reasons.

1. Teen Titans GO!’s Target Audience Will be Kids

This isn’t inherently a bad thing, to be sure. But I highly doubt that the target audience of Young Justice was 6-8 year olds. I wouldn’t necessarily say that it was targeted at fifteen year olds, but it certainly had a lot of mature themes. I can’t imagine a new Teen titans show having any of that. The original show had exactly zero of that. That’s why it appealed only to younger age demographics. Young Justice, on the other hand, drew in an older, more loyal audience, of people who are well versed in the DC Universe. This audience will be essentially lost when Teen Titans GO! airs in Young Justice’s spot. And since this was a a pretty large audience, Cartoon Network will lose those viewers. Also, there will be less appreciation for the show, which leads me to my next point.

2. Characters

Teen Titans GO! will feature the same roster as the original Teen Titans show did, meaning that it will have all of five characters, plus a couple of recurring villains. The first season of Young Justice had more characters than that. Also, because of an older, more knowledgeable audience, Young Justice could draw in characters from all corners of the DC Universe. We saw almost all of the DC Universe’s young heroes at one point or another, and this added a lot to the show. Young of the best things about the show was the relationships that characters had with each other, and how they developed. In the first Teen Titans show, none of the characters were developed at all, and in a comedic show, I don’t expect that to change at all. But it’s not just the younger characters that will disappear. One of the greatest things about Young Justice was that it was about a group of sidekicks becoming heroes in their own right. The inclusion of the Justice League added a great dynamic to the show. Meanwhile, over in the Teen Titans camp, the League is nowhere to be seen. I’m almost one hundred percent sure that, like the original show, there will be no adult heroes anywhere, which takes a lot away from the show.

3. Animation

Some people may like the Anime style that Teen Titans shows use. And honestly, I’m not opposed to it. But I feel that there’s a place for everything, and anime doesn’t work for a Superhero TV show. It makes the whole thing feel pretty silly, actually, which is part of the reason that the original Teen Titans show is unwatchable. Granted, superheroes are unrealistic. But seeing them in anime form has always made me cringe. The reason? Do you see any Teen titans comics that are mangas? No. You don’t. The art style of comics should translate to the animation of the shows. That’s why CG and traditional 2D animation work so well for Comic Book TV shows – because they look like the comics. Anime simply doesn’t work in this context.

4. Plot Lines

The one thing that I don’t like about comedies is that, often, the plot is extremely weak, and riddled with holes. the original Teen Titans wasn’t even a comedy, and it’s plot was weak. I have no doubts that Teen titans GO! will suffer from the same problem. Young Justice had a cohesive plot, and had very few plot holes. True, this occasionally resulted in annoying info dumps, but the plot was still done quite well. Meanwhile, I doubt that the plot of Teen Titans GO! will be anything special. In fact, I’m sure that it will take a back seat to bad, kid friendly jokes. The plot will most likely be nearly nonexistent, if there is one at all. And if there is, I can guarantee that it will be weak, most likely even weaker than the plot of the original show.

So there you have it. All the reasons that I think Teen Titans GO! will fail. Of course, I really hope that it doesn’t fall flat on it’s face, because I need a good animated DC show to watch. However, I doubt that Teen titans GO! will be that show. I am really going to miss Young Justice.


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13 Responses to Why Teen Titans GO! Will Fail

  1. Sergio says:

    The majority of the people working on Teen Titans GO! said they never even watched the original Teen Titans.

  2. brucekenobi says:

    My reason: It’s a continuation of Teen Titans.
    The likely hood that it will fail: 100%
    The chance that it won’t fail: 0%
    Rating of plot lines: 0/10
    Animation: 5/10
    Characters: 3/10
    Audience: 0/10
    Overall: 1/10

    • Nik says:

      Am I missing something? Have you seen it yet?

      • jeanluc1997 says:

        No, all of this is merely speculation for me, based on the original Teen Titans series, as well as the creators who are on board for the new series. Of course, some of is is residual anger from Young Justice’s cancellation.

      • brucekenobi says:

        No I haven’t, however the inevitability of it failing is clear. I have read some spoilers on it and from what I can tell, this series is borderline retarded. Arguing against the failure of this series that hasn’t even broadcasted yet is moronic. There is no possible way to defend “Teen Titans Go!” because unlike other series, this series has already failed even though it isn’t even on TV yet. Trying to appeal to facts such as it is a spin off of the original Teen Titans series or that the first two words in the title male up the name of a comic series makes this series seem even worse.

  3. Seiko says:

    Some of what you’re saying is a lot of biased, somewhat unreasonable opinion. Like how the characters from the first Teen Titans “weren’t developed.” What? They fleshed them out incredibly. The only one they didn’t go to considerable lengths was Cyborg, and I can actually let that go. Second of all, it’s not anime. It’s a western take on the japanese cartoon style. It’s different. It fuses elements of Eastern and Western. Third, the plot wasn’t weak per se; it was pretty much just following the events of what they went through during their time as the Teen Titans in Jump City. They went through most of the main characters backgrounds, relationships, personal issues… and then there was other bits, like taking on Slade, facing H.I.V.E, rallying the other superheroes to defeat the Brotherhood of Evil, and then there were just episodes that were either funny, or just to introduce characters. Fourth…. please stop putting Young Justice on a pedestal. It’s a good show, we get it. I’m not going to say it’s totally irrelevant to the TT, but it’s a different show. But I do agree on TT Go, because it really looks like they took a hammer to the original show and this is the result.

    • jeanluc1997 says:

      It’s not necessarily bias, it’s opinion. I felt the the original Teen Titans show was a pretty weak show, for the most part. What Teen Titans GO! does is take the parts of the original show that were actually good and completely gets rid of them. And I will continue to hold Young Justice on a pedestal, because, in my opinion, it was a stellar show, with only a few exceptions.

  4. Taylor says:

    I seriously almost screamed in my pillow when I read this. I mean, OK, Young Justice WAS a good show, we get it, we respect that. And, believe me, I respect other peoples opinions. But I honestly think instead of pointing out good points in the show, you were more like trying to make it sound bad. So, okay, Teen Titans GO! might look a little anime to you, but like Seiko said, it’s a western take on the show. I also think that you should stop doing that thing where you say something bad about Teen Titans that you can OBVIOUSLY compare to Young Justice. Young Justice was a good show, I will miss it, but it’s not so important that it has to be compared to both versions of Teen Titans. You probably would have never even posted this if Teen Titans GO! didn’t replace Young Justice in the first place. If you did come across it, you probably would have pointed out the good sides in the show and not have had such a bad opinion on it. And I know someone would probably reply to this saying I’m the one who read it, but like I said, I respect peoples opinions so I figured “Why not?” But in conclusion, I think you should let go of Young Justice and move on. I know it’s not THAT big of a deal. You wouldn’t have posted this if it didn’t replace Young Justice. Next time you watch it, try to look at the good side, not the bad.

    P.S. I think you watched it just to get some bad info about it so you could post the bad information that you got to go with your good Young Justice information. Just sayin’ .

    • jeanluc1997 says:

      Actually, I haven’t even watched Teen Titans GO! yet. All of this is just assumptions based on my opinions of what I have seen of the show, as well as my opinions of the original Teen Titans show. And I really felt that the original Teen Titans show wasn’t all that great. I watched it before Young Justice was even announced, and even then, I still didn’t like it, the success of Young Justice simply solidified how bad that show really was, as Young Justice essentially delivered on the potential that the original show had. Nearly everything from the original Teen Titans can be compared to Young Justice in some way. Some people may choose to watch, and even love, Teen Titans GO! That’s their opinion, and if that’s yours, I’m honestly happy for you, because at least some people are getting something out of this. However, from the clips that I’ve seen, there’s nothing for me to like about Teen Titans GO! Simply put, it’s not for me. If I feel the need to write a blog post about why it’s not for me, and my predictions of it’s failure, that is entirely my own prerogative.

      Also, I have to say, I always look at the good side of Young Justice. It’s hard to discern whether your talking about Young Justice or Teen Titans GO! at time in your comment.

      And I have let Young Justice go, in the time between this was posted and now. I’ve accepted that it’s not coming back and that the upcoming DC nation shows probably aren’t for me. Others will love them. By all means, love those shows. But they aren’t for me, much like the original Teen Titans show wasn’t for me. And, at the end of the day, that’s Ok. I’m entitled to an opinion, as is everyone else, and we’re all entitled to share our opinions, no matter what they may be, so, I want to end this by thanking you for sharing your opinion, even though I don’t agree with it.

  5. Ellf says:

    Okay, I must admit when I first heard about TTG, I was seriously disturbed. The art style turned me off, and it looked ridiculous.

    However, after watching a few episodes, it’s surprisingly deep. It’s not a coherent plot-line, but it’s not exactly a kid’s show. It’s about as much a kid’s show as Dexter’s Lab… and there are a _lot_ of jokes in there for comic book fans. But only if you pay attention.0

    An example, in the “Date” episode, when Robin is attempting to ask Starfire out, Starfire has several stuffed animals dressed as various DC superheroes.

    She also has a Bane stuffed animal. Who has a Batman stuffed animal laid out in front of him as if he broke the back of the stuffed animal.

    The show isn’t _good_ but it is _entertaining_.

    It’s not a good replacement for Young Justice, no. But that doesn’t mean the show doesn’t have its own place.

  6. El Melvins says:

    It just delivered a pimp slap to my Teen Titans/Young Justice-loving cheek.
    Look, I appreciated Teen Titans and Young Justice alike, and I admit that Teen Titans had the fault of being loosely associated with DC Comics (it was supposed to be the original Young Justice, but that didn’t turn out so well), and- although I definitely won’t rail against its Animesque nature- I will say that it could have used improvements in many fields. It had its stupid moments, but they still felt entertaining. And when it got dark, it got *really* dark. Young Justice is kind of like “what if they took the darker moments of Teen Titans and made it into its own show?”

    But Teen Titans Go! is some kind of joke. It’s the antithesis of Young Justice—
    Stoned Dude: Hey, dude… Like, Young Justice was kewl n’ all, but, like, what if we, like, took all of the stupider moments of Teen Titans and made it into a show too?
    Other Stoned Dude: Dude, that’s, like, totally radical. Let’s do it.

    Why is Cartoon Network allergic to action/drama shows?
    Did they forget that one of their stated missions was to tear down this
    And, while I admit that Regular Show and Adventure Time do get a lot of stuff past its censors, they seem to be abiding to this ideal that “Only if it’s funny will we put it on air!”
    Seriously… Teen Titans Go! is an example of trolling. No one liked Teen Titans for its comedy. They liked the comedy because it broke up the otherwise aggressively dark undertones, but not by itself. I watched Teen Titans for “The End” or “Haunted” or “Aftershock,” not “Every Dog Has His Day” or “Fractured.” They really needed to reassess their priorities.
    “What was the strongest and most popular aspect of Teen Titans?” The drama, the characterization, the hints of romance, and the action. “So let’s make a show featuring none of that and blowing up all the comedy, making that comedy in the vein of Spongebob and whatever other asinine show they air on CN/Disney/Nickelodeon!”
    And it was CN execs, I bet, that demanded this too. They probably wouldn’t have let a TT show back on the air if it wasn’t purely comedy. I fear this for the upcoming Powerpuff Girls reboot as well….

    And I do consider Young Justice to have been aiming for the 13-15 crowd, by the way.

    • Joe says:

      Guys if your reading this do me a favor complain to the company of Cartoon Network about teen titians don’t wacth the show rate it bad and send notes to Cartoon Network about it I love the original teen titans and I love you for loving it but if we want are original teen titans join me brothers and sisters on the march on how to get are teen titans back please do what I said this the way to get it back

  7. don says:

    While i cannot argue the bad points spoken against the old teen titans.myself being anime fan foubd it mildly entertaining and break from the blood or deep character searching of the adult variety.i can however say this new teen titans modeled after the show with the blue bird and dog like creature made me want to give myself a lobotomy with a nail gun

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