5 Characters I’d Like to See in Future Star Wars Movies

Aside from the extremely unfortunate loss of Lucasarts, I’m actually quite excited for Disney’s ventures into the Star Wars Universe. First, we’re getting episodes VII, VIII, and, XI. After that, though, Disney has plans to release a new Star Wars movie every 2-3 years. And that excites me. There’s so much content in the Star Wars Universe for them to explore, and with that comes a wealth of characters that can be tapped into. (Just a hint, Jar Jar isn’t on this list)

5. Quinlan Vos

Quinlan Vos is certainly an interesting character to explore. Though he never makes an appearance in any of the six movies, he plays a fairly large role in the Star Wars universe. But what makes him an intriguing character to do a movie about is that his story was never truly finished. He features prominently in the Clone Wars comics (Which take place between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith), bouncing back and forth between the light and dark side of the Force. What made him so intriguing in the comics is what will make a movie about him intriguing. While many of the Force using Star Wars characters are clear cut good guys or bad guys, Vos’ internal struggle prevents him from truly being either of those things. Plus, his relationship with the underbelly of the Star Wars galaxy always provide interesting scenarios, in one of which he ends up with a child. And that’s sort of the last time we see him. But a movie picking up after that point in the comics would be able to more than do his character justice. Plus, his run ins with the next character on my list would be pretty awesome.

4. K’Kruhk

K’Kruhk is another character that never appears in the movies, and yet still has a huge role in the Clone Wars comics. However, unlike Vos, this series is not the last time we see him. He is part of many different eras of the Star Wars universe, due to his species long lifespan. Being one of the few Jedi who survived the Great Jedi Purge (Order 66) he survives through the Imperial era and far into the Legacy era of the galaxy. This opens up a lot of opportunity for movies about the character. Personally, I would want to see him after Order 66, in a movie somewhat based off of the Dark Times comic series. This is an era that has never really been explored, aside from a few novels and the Force Unleashed games. And why not explore it through the eyes of a badass Jedi master? In many ways, K’Kruhk is like Marko, from the Image Comics’ Saga. He is extremely dangerous – especially when the lightsaber comes out. However, he is, at the same time, a pacifist. This causes a lot of internal conflict for him, and seeing this play out on the big screen would provide for an excellent movie.

3. Theron Shan

The Old(er) Republic is one of my favorite periods of time in the Star Wars universe. It’s a vast expanse of time, and has been featured in many games, comics, and books. Dozens of interesting characters have cropped up as a result of this era. One such character is Theron Shan, the son of Satele Shan and Jace Malcolm, the Jedi Grand Master and the Republic’s highest ranking ,military commander. Unlike the first two characters on this list, it isn’t Theron’s internal struggle that makes him interesting, but rather his adventures. Theron is a black ops agent in the Republic’s secret service, and his adventures could create a straight up action/adventure movie. The character himself is interesting enough, and could certainly use more development, but Star Wars needs more movies where it’s characters are just being badasses. This doesn’t mean that the plot has to be sacrificed. In fact, the plot of a Theron Shan movie would be extremely important. Despite his numerous appearances, he has never really received a great deal of development, which is sad for a character that has so much potential for being a major player in the Star Wars universe. That is exactly why he needs to get his own movie.

2. Darth Maul

Of course Maul had to appear on this list. Like Theron, he is one of those extremely awesome characters with a lot of potential, but has never really gotten any development on the big screen. His appearance on the Clone Wars did get him some of this, but his story sadly was not wrapped up. Hopefully it is, in future episodes of the show. However, this is not the Darth Maul I want a movie about. I want to see Darth Maul’s formative years, perhaps even all the way back to when he was first recruited by Darth Sidious. His training, his early missions, and, more than anything else, his back story. Seriously, the guy, no matter how awesome, has no back story to speak of. Sure, there was his ridiculous appearance in Star Wars Tales, but those are strictly non canon. A real back story, of where he came from, and what his motivation is, would be a great service to such a great character that has never truly gotten the time in the spot light that he really deserves. Also, a movie about him would surely see some awesome double bladed lightsaber action, which is something that no one in their right mind could turn down.

1. Boba Fett

Boba Fett is something of an odd case. He makes very brief appearances in both Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, but is killed off extremely early in Return of the Jedi. However, it turns out that he managed to somehow survive the Pit of the Carkoon (Sarlacc Pit). He makes many appearances in the Expanded Universe, especially in the Yuuzhan Vonh war and the events that follow it. His character is developed quite a bit here, and developed a little in the Clone Wars TV show, and in the series of short novels that take place during the Clone Wars. However, his activities during the period between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope are what interest me. This is where he truly earns his stripes as a bounty hunter, and where he becomes the character we see later. This is the period where he is developed the most, and that’s why it would make an excellent movie. However, his escapades on Mandalore after the events of Return of the Jedi would also make for an excellent movie. More than any other character, I want to see Boba Fett on the big screen.


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  1. As a life-long comic book geek, I’m happy to find your blog and enjoyed reading what I’ve seen already (especially this one about Star Wars, always a favorite).
    If you happen to like reading blogs about movies, I welcome you to check mine out, but regardless, thanks for writing!

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