The Top Five Comics I’m Looking Forward to Reading This Week

5. Batman and Red Robin #19

Aside from the ridiculous title (Seriously, why not call it Batman and Robin #19: Red Robin?), issue #19 of Batman and Robin looks quite good. I was really wondering where the series would be going after the death of Damian Wayne back in Batman, Incorporated #8. What DC has decided to do – go through each of Batman’s side kicks, and give each an issue – is a stroke of genius. But having an issue featuring Carrie Kelly in her first appearance since Frank Miller’s the Dark Knight Returns? Genius, especially with Peter J Tomasi writing.

4. Star Wars #4

From the first issue of this book, it’s been clear, at least to me, that this is the best Star Wars comic in a long time. Issue number three ended on a great note, balancing all three plot lines, leaving each with a cliffhanger. The very last page – a full page spread of Colonel Bircher and his elite pilots – leads me to believe that the first (relatively) big pay off for the series will be in this issue. Brian Wood’s story telling has been extremely consistent, and I don’t expect that to change. Plus, Han’s mission is just getting more and more intriguing.

3. Hawkeye #9

HAWKGUY! Everyone loves the guy. And, despite it having very little to do with Hawkeye’s superheroics, everyone loves this book. Personally, I love it because it doesn’t focus on him being a superhero. In this book, we see Clint Barton as a normal guy. We see his normal life, and we see that he has a lot of the same problems us mere mortals have. One such problem being the female side of his fan club, and with the book’s quirky humor, this is not an issue to be ignored.

2. Saga #12

It’s Saga’s first anniversary, and there hasn’t been a single issue that I haven’t loved and read at least three or four times. It’s hard to imagine that the book’s twelfth issue will be any different. In fact, it will most likely be better, dealing with the death of Marko’s dad in the last issue. Despite his brief time in the book, I grew to really enjoy him as a character, and I’m interested to see how the rest of the cast react to his death. And the story of The Will and his ever-expanding gang is awesome, and one that I can’t wait to continue.

1. Batman #19

The one issue I had with Batman #18 (and indeed, all Bat books last month) is Batman Incorporated #8. Morrison, as much as I love him, essentially ruined the ending of Death of the Family, so the fallout of that really failed to be explored at all. However, Batman #19 is the second of a two part story called Resolve. In some ways, this leads me to believe that Batman isn’t done mourning. Hopefully, this issue deals with some of the Death of the Family fallout, and also sets up a new story for the character. Whatever it is, I’m sure that neither Scott Snyder nor Greg Capullo will disappoint.


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